Easter in Maryville..Part 1

Every chance we get to head to East Tennesee we jump on it! Holidays always seem like the best time since there is usually a free vacation day worked into the mix for Erik. So, like usual, we packed up and headed to Maryville for Easter. The weekend was full of activites and the girls (and Erik and I) had a blast. It was really one of the most enjoyable trips we've made up there in a while. Things were so laid back and we just concentrated on having a fun time.

We stared the weekend with an Easter celebration at Erik's parents church. There were games, arts and crafts, baking and of course, the Easter story. Then on Easter Sunday the kids celebrated with an egg hunt. There were over 600 eggs hid and only 40 or so kids to hunt for them. So you can imagine the huge basket of eggs we came home with.
The picture above is of one of the three bunnies that were outside the church when we got there Sunday morning. Isn't that funny?

The girls before we left for church. The cutest bunnies I've ever seen!

Ella making a mad dash towards more eggs.

This is Lucy crying because Grandpa did not understand that she wanted to go back and pick up the green egg she saw in the grass. Not just any egg, mind you. A GREEN egg! It is her favorite color after all...

Lucy finally finding the green egg (that was strategically placed by Mommy while she was not looking)

Really! Lucy LOVES the color green. This is her Easter basket.

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