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Baby Jack is a bit Jaundiced, so we have been spending a lot of time sun bathing. Such a guy...showing off his chest!

Lisa and Zach Odom came for a surprise visit on Sunday. I was so shocked to walk out and see them in the driveway. Shocked, but very pleased. They are both two of the nicest people I know. Really, they are. Just genuinely good people. They just moved back to the States from Germany this year. Their 2.5 year old, Ollie, was asleep in the car so I don't have a picture of him, but this is his sister Sophia. She is so pretty and looks just like her mom's side of the family.
I took this picture last night. It's not the greatest of any of them, but it sums up our life right now. Erik is in hog heaven with his family. I am, too. We just feel so complete. God is good. Our cups truly runnith over!

My Aunt Carolyn was in town for a family funeral when Baby Jack was born. She is my mom's sister and has lived in Virginia since I was little. I only get to see her and Uncle John a couple of times a year. Even though its not too often, I do enjoy the times that we get to spend together. She has the best laugh!

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First Bath

My mom has given all of my children their first bath at home. Baby Jack was going to be no different. With Ella I was just scared to death to bathe her, so mom had to do it. With Lucy and Jack it was more of a tradition. My mom is the best grandmother and has helped me out so much when my children were born. I often think about almost losing her in 1995 and I am so grateful to God that he spared her life. I could not imagine my life or my children's lives without their Nanny.

Lucy and Ella wanted to help out with Jack's bath, so we all piled in the bathroom to watch the grand event. This picture says it all to me. Lucy could care less and Ella is utterly distraught that Jack is screaming. It's actually pretty funny to see their personalities shine through this picture.

All clean and smelling like a baby!

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Jack's First Outing

This past Sunday, we loaded the baby up and went to my parent's for hamburgers and some playing in the Fall sunshine. It was a gorgeous day and we played outside for hours! The girls played on the swingset for the longest time and then rode 4-wheelers. Lucy had her first wreck, but thank goodness she had her helmet on and wasn't going very fast. It scared the life out of me though. I watched the whole thing and was just so helpless---almost motionless. Anyway, she is fine and was back on the 4-wheeler in an hour.

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Big Sisters

Have I mentioned that these girls love their baby brother? He is Baby Jack to them. I wonder how long he will be known as Baby Jack? I have a feeling it will stick around for a while.

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More Hospital Pictures

Here are some more fond memories of baby Jack's arrival at the hospital. This is the girls seeing Jack for the first time. Lucy is carrying her own blankie, plus the one Grandma made for Jack.

Erik's dad with his new grandson:

I love this picture. The look on Ella's face says it all:

She really does not have him in a headlock. Although....it sure looks like it!

Rebecca, Tommy and Maddie came to visit:
Me and my 3 precious babies:

My grandparents:
The day after Jack arrived was the University of Memphis' first season home game. I was afraid Erik would be disappointed he didn't get to go, but I should have known better. His priorities were straight. He was so happy to have his new baby here with us that he didn't care. He was able to watch the game on the internet, so not all was lost. Here are Maddie and Jack dressed in their U of M clothing:

Sweet Lucy with her baby brother:

Coming home. And yes, I did wear my nightgown and robe home:

Baby Jack's first ride in his car seat. Thanks for Kendra for the sweet car seat cover:

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Sophie la Girafe

I knew there would be some new baby gadgets that we would just HAVE to have for our baby Jack. You know, bigger and better things that you just can't live without. I just didn't think it would be this:

Apparently Sophie the Giraffe is a must-have toy for your baby. It's the perfect teether, made from some kind of organic rubber. At $20 a pop it better be good. I will be ordering one for Jack, but it will have to wait until Christmas. He's got to have something under the tree.

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Crystal Ball

Do you ever wish you had a crystal ball that you could use to look into the future? Well, I have one. At least when it comes to my new baby. I think he is going to look like Ella (and his daddy).

This is Ella 4 days old:
This is Jack 4 days old: (picture taken with phone)

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Baby Jack is Here

(reality of my new life....it has taken almost 2 full days to finish this post)

September 17th, 2010. Baby Jon Keller Krull is here. After a 10:15 OB appointment, I began having contractions around lunch time. During my exam, at which I was 37 weeks and 5 days, my doctor said I was right at 3cm, still 70% effaced but very very ready. She predicted a birth by the weekend's end. Mom and I went to meet Maddie and Rebecca for lunch and that's when it all started. I could hardly finish my half of the cheeseburger I was sharing. My contractions were around 4 min apart and steadily getting stronger.

I called the OB and she said to wait as long as I possibly could before going to the hospital, but to NOT go home. So, that's when the adventure began. Mom, Maddie, Rebecca and I went to Hobby Lobby first. I got Lucy's picture framed and we walked around the store until we were bored there. Contractions were still getting stronger. Then we went to Target. We did a lof of walking there, but decided that we needed to head somewhere else quickly before one more random thing was added to our cart! So across the street to the mall we went.

At this point I was really, really hurting but determined to push myself as far as I could go. Once we got to the mall we just walked and walked. Contractions were coming stronger and harder and at times I could hardly stand up. After about an hour and a half, I had had enough. I was ready to go to the hospital.

Oh, by the way, this whole time my sweet husband was frantically trying to get back from a trip to Nashville he had taken yesterday. He flew so he was at the mercy of the skies. As God could only plan, Erik was right at exit 18 when I made the hospital call. Man, God is good!

So it's around 4:45 and off to the hospital we go. I went straight to triage--where I would spend almost the next 2 hours. The labor and delivery floor was PACKED! Upon examination I was right at 4 cm, so far along enough to keep me. Contractions were registering every 3 min. When my OB came in to check me she said that much to her dismay she would have to wait to break my waters. Because my labors progress so quickly she was afraid that I would not have a chance to get an epidural before he came. Yikes!~ That would have been horrible.

Once we finally got clearance to head to a room, things really began to rock and roll. I received my epicdural, thanks to a very embarrasing situation in which the Anesthesiologist was a college buddy of Erik's and mine. He did a great job, but I was not expecting to see him walk through the door. I recevied my epidural around 8:30pm and then the OB came in to break my waters around 9:15. I sat back and visited with friends and family until around 10:15. I was telling the nurse how quickly Ella and Lucy came after my water broke and she got a little nervous. I'm so glad she checked because Jack was ready to come. RIGHT THEN! After 3 quick pushes, he was here. It all happened so fast. It's still very surreal.

He is a beautiful baby boy. We are so excited, grateful, nervous and just plain giddy! God heard our prayers and answered them. I just really can't believe he is here. I can't wait to spend the next few weeks cuddling and loving on him. I just want to savor every moment that I can. The laundry and dishes will wait. I know all to well that this time in his life will go so quickly; and once its gone you can't get it back.

He is going to be loved by his sisters to death! They are both so very excited to be with him and take care of him. He's got his daddy's heart alread,y too. Erik can already envision lots of football games watched and soccer games played together. It's just awesome right now. My life is great and my God is greater!

(in triage)

Holding our baby right after delivery.

This was the night's entertainment. It was fun having friends there because they helped the night go by very quickly. Amber, being a labor and delivery nurse there at the hospital, was able to keep the nurses on their toes once she got there. I was definately in very good hands.


One Last Project

Last weekend we decided to tackle what was hopefully our last major project before baby Jack gets here. (I still don't have my kitchen painted, but I think that is going to be a Fall break project.) We bought this handmade chair and table set at our local Heritage Day Festival almost 3 years ago. We have put off painting them for so long that I was afraid we had waited too late. The wood was so dry and thirsty. BUT...with a lot of paint and sealant, we have a beautiful "new" set of furniture for our front porch. I am so proud that I smiled every time I pull in the driveway. And isn't that what it's about?

I am still disappointed, however, that all that painting didn't put me into labor. I sure gave it my all!

And in the meantime, this little Diva was upstairs putting together the perfect "ensemble" for a Saturday afternoon at home. (complete with black suede boots)

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