It's Been a While

Well, hello to anyone who might still be out there.  It's been a while.  I wanted to share an update with you all of Lucy and our family.  I hope this will give you all encouragement and will serve as a huge THANK YOU for the years and years of prayers for our family.

Lucy is doing well.  In about 4 months she will have her last set of scans before she will be in remission.  72 months!  Can you believe it?  When I stop and think about where we were and where we are now I just stand in amazement.  Lucy still has challenges, as she will for the rest of her life.  She has lost all hearing in her left ear and she has lost most of her hearing in her right ear.  With a hearing aid she can function well.  She does have sudden onset hearing loss occurrences and we don't know why.  We have to get her to the doctor and start her on a steroid regimin within 24 hours of the onset.  Its extremely frustrating and "I don't know why" is an unwelcome response.

School continues to be a daily challenge but in true Lucy style she rocks it every day.  She works harder than any other child I know and I am so very proud of her.  It takes all hands on deck with her learning but we are surrounded by an amazing team.  God put us in the perfect place for what He knew our life would demand.

Here is a video we just did for our annual Go Lucy Go Dinner and Auction.  I hope you will enjoy it. It's fairly emotional for me but it sure does tell a great story.  Maybe I'll be able to write a little more often.  It's nice being back :)

GLG Dinner Video from Sarah Villane on Vimeo.