What a Weekend!

This weekend went nothing as planned. I spent almost the entire time in bed--sick. Not just sick-miserable. It was so bad that I spent half of today in the triage/ER at the Women's Center. I know it could be worse, but this has been a very hard pregnancy for me so far. Apparently I have severe Acid Reflux that causes excruciating pain in my chest. If my EKG had not come back normal, I would have sworn I was having a heart attack. Baby was ok and that is the most important thing. Great heartbeat at 161 bpm. I was so relieved to hear that sweet sound after all the pain I had indured over the past 48 hours. If you don't mind, say a little prayer that the medicine the Dr. put me on will work. I was never sick a day with my girls but its been a doozie of a 9 weeks for me!

But on a more PERFECT note----Baby Madeline Rose arrived on Wednesday, March 24th. She weighed 7.5 ounces and was 20.5 inches long. I don't think I could love her any more if she were mine. Isn't she gorgeous? She's wearing the outfit that Aunt KK gave her for Christmas. Below are some of my favorite pictures from our hospital visit. After I left the ER this morning, I snuck over to hold and spoil Maddie for about an hour.

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A Conversation with Lucy

L "Hey Mommy. What is the baby's name?"
Me "Well, Lucy. I'm not sure. We have to wait to find out if its a boy or a girl."
L "If its a girl what will her middle name be?"
Me "I just don't know."
L "I have the perfect idea"
Me " Oh! Can you tell me?"
L "Sparkle."
Me "Yes Lucy. That is a beautiful name."
L "But what will her real name be?" (that means what will her first name be?)
Me "I don't know Lucy. Do you have a suggestion?"
L "Diamond."
Me "Wow! That's even prettier than sparkle!"
L "What will her last name be?"
Me "It will be the same as ours honey."
L "I have a better idea. How about Watermelon."

There you have it. If we have a little girl her name will be Diamond Sparkle Watermelon.

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Stone Soup

Lucy's class made stone soup at school last week. I thought they were too cute not to blog about.
It's a story about some townspeople who don't want to give travelers food or a place to stay, so the travelers start to make stone soup, which is made better with items the people start bringing for it. Lucy had to bring butter beans. Some of the other kids brought carrots, celery, etc. I love how Mrs. Joy is so patient to allow all the children to have such hands-on experiences. She is an amazing teacher. I have said it before, but our Lucy has been blessed this year for sure.

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For Posterity

Here's to 4 more years in the making....

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First Trimester Musings

I am utterly exhausted.

Really. I am.

I try to nap when I can, but let's be serious. I've got a 6 and 4 year old. I work. Have a house to run. We have baseball, softball and violin practice. Church on Sundays and Wednesdays. Not to mention trying to pretend to maintain some kind of family life/social life. It would be easy to say "well, just don't do so much." But what do you cut? Do I tell Ella, "Sorry, no violin for you." Or should I tell Lucy, "I know your older sister gets to participate in extra-curricular activities but we don't have enough time or energy for you." I have pretty much ruled out notifying God that we won't be doing the church thing anymore because we are too tired. No! I put my big girl panties on and deal with it. Just like every other mother who has more than 1 child does.

That does not change the fact that some days when school lets out at noon I am so tired I feel sick. Literally. Like I will throw up if I have to keep my eyes open one more moment.

And after 5:00 you can forget it. My "morning" sickness sets in and I'm done for! The past few weeks I've craved broccoli and macaroni and cheese. I can't get enough water and grilled chicken makes me hurl. I am forgetful, scattered and emotional. I am scared to death to have 3 children yet excited beyond human belief all at the same time. I am marveled by God's timing. I can make myself crazy trying to understand it all.

And yet......I feel so blessed. So absolutely, unimaginably blessed. So eternally grateful that God has answered our prayers for another child. So unworthy to believe that God actually thinks I can handle another child. So out-of-this-world excited to be able to rock another baby to sleep at night. To put my hands on his or her sweet face as they lay in my arms. To literally see God through another child. Oh my goodness! I could scream from the rooftop. This is what we have prayed for. This is a totally undeserved blessing.

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11 Weeks, 3 Days

Here we go again......

(the second of 4 tests to make sure that it was really real!)

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Baby Maddie's Shower

This past weekend I was lucky enough to be a part of my sister's first baby shower. A "part" might not do it justice actually. I was really more like the shower natzi. I think her poor college friends were ready to kill me. I just wanted it to be perfect for my baby sister. I personally think that every child should be celebrated (yes I believe in a baby shower for every baby) and I was determined to make sure that this celebration rocked. And boy did it!

The decorations were spot on, the food was great and the baby momma was gorgeous. There was a huge turnout and baby Maddie got some great presents.

(Rebecca's mother-in-law painted this. WOW!)

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