Christmas Eve Recap

Although it seems like light years away, Christmas Eve was just 5 short nights ago.  Crazy how time flies so quickly.  When Erik and I were first married, we alternated spending Christmas/Thanksgiving with our families.  Because they live almost 6 hours apart, it was impossible to try to do both.  Things only grew more challenging as we began to add children to the mix.  It has taken some time, but with a lot of traveling late hours have been able to figure out how to make both families happy on both holidays.  However, there is one thing that will remain the same.  We want our children to spend Christmas day at their own home.

That being said, we have begun to create some fun family traditions that I look forward to continuing as the years go on.  Each Christmas Eve we make a huge pot of soup, Mexican cornbread and lots of dessert.  My parents come over and thankfully my brother has been able to join us the past few years.  This year was extra special because he brought his girlfriend Candace.  She's already like part of the family, so it was wonderful having her there.  The only thing missing was my baby sister and her family.  My brother, John Paul, and Candace brought their new puppy with them and that only added to the excitement around the house.  It was a wonderful night!

We made reindeer food and before the night was over we went outside to sprinkle the food all over the yard.  I'm sure Santa's helpers were quite full when they left our house!

A Christmas Eve wouldn't be complete without a picture of the children in their Christmas pajamas and setting out the letters to Santa.

Each Christmas Eve before we go to bed we spend some snuggle time together, talking about the true meaning of Christmas.  I know the kiddos hear the story a dozen times or more during the Christmas season, but there's something about telling it one more time...right before Christmas day.

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Today was a Good Day

While the kids were having fun playing with their cousins...

My sister in law and I did something I haven't done in a VERY long time.  We went to Hobby Lobby first.  Armed with a Pinterest idea in mind, we picked out our favorite paint colors.  Then, we headed over to the Dollar Tree and started searching for a canvas.  Not a canvas in the literal sense, but more of a medium in which to transfer our creative juices.  We decided on these stemless wine glasses--which could be used as juice glasses for children, or as any kind of glass for those that don't drink wine.  Really, they were just a great glass to work on.  We grabbed a handful of wooden skewers--the kind you would use to make kabobs-- and started dotting.  To do it right, you have got to allow yourself several hours.  It's a process of painting and drying, painting and drying.  I am so pleased with the way they turned out and I plan on giving several of these creations as gifts in the coming year.

This was my first attempt.  The colors are metallic and look really good as a set.  

 This are the Valentine glasses that my SIL and niece made.  How cute are they?

 This is the spray that I will be using.  I used my smart phone to pull up the Hobby Lobby 
coupon and saved 40%.  
A set of Ole Miss and Tennessee tumblers.  Wonder who these are for.....

**If you do this project, please be sure to seal the glassware with a clear coat.  If not your glass won't even make it a whole day.

**I also found directions online that tell me to put the glasses in a cold oven and preheat to 350.  Let them sit for 30 minutes, then turn the oven off and let the glasses cool inside.

**My idea came from http://www.radicalpossibility.com/2012/06/easy-confetti-tumblers.html.

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Christmas at LeBonheur

This year's Christmas dinner at LeBonheur was probably the most meaningful and emotional dinner we've served yet.  I spent time visiting with our friends and their son Connor.  They are currently living on the 7th floor, although their time there is fleeting.  Their precious 5 year old is dying of a rare brain disorder and every time I am with them I feel as if my heart is torn in two.  When I get to heaven one day, I have one question that I want to ask Jesus.  "If you are going to take children from this earth, why do you allow them and their parents to suffer."

I know I have no right to ask that question and the reality is that when I cross over from this earth I wont even remember that question.  However, in my worldly state of mind its a question I can't seem to shake.  Being a momma and watching your baby die or watching another mother with a dying child is more than the humna mind or heart can comprehend.  I know they would appreciate your prayers as they navigate this horrible path.

We were able to serve over 150 plates and gave away over 100 presents.  We set up a portion of the toys we collected in the family room and allowed the children throughout the hospital come and choose a gift.  It was really neat watching them walk in--their eyes wide with excitement.  The little boy in the picture with me below single handedly help collect over 80 toys!!  Thank you Brooks for your precious heart and soul.

The pictures that follow only tell a small portion of the story.  This dinner blesses lives.  No, it doesn't change anyone's circumstances and it can't take away their hurt, but it does make the moment better.  And as a mom who's been there, sometimes a moment is all you need.  Just a moment to feel better.  Thank you all for donating and helping make this dinner possible.

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Christmas Cheer

We are still at it here at the Krull house. We are making our rounds, visiting family and making memories. My computer is charging a new battery (a Christmas present) so I wanted to share a few pictures from my phone.

I can whole heartedly say that this Christmas has been our best ever. Not because we are without worries or problems, but because we have truly appreciated every single moment we have spent together. The laughter, the smiles, the excitement... It all means so much more now. We are keenly aware that life is a gift. Our time together is more valuable than any gift on Christmas morning!


All is Calm

Hubby is outside assembling the kids' basketball goal, I am preparing breakfast for our family tomorrow.  These beauties are fast asleep with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads.

It truly doesn't get any better than this.  Merry Christmas!

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Savor the Moment

We are still here. No time for blogging the last few days. We have been too busy making memories. I promise to be back tomorrow!

Merry Christmas from my 3 angels.



I'm so close.  I can almost do it easily.  Breathe, that is.  So very, very close.  This has been the busiest week I've had in two years and I have LOVED every minute of it.  Christmas programs, Christmas parties, last day of school, dinner for LeBonheur.  I'm so tired and I'm very ready for a break, but this "busyness" is what I've been longing for for almost 2 years!

Everything is not perfect, but things are much better for our family right now.  Lucy still struggles in different areas and we face new challenges each week, but she is getting to live a "normal" life right now and that's all we can ask for.  I am as excited for Christmas as the children are.  Last year was so heavy and sorrowful---I just want to forget it.  I am so thankful for the place to which God has brought us.  This really has been a very Merry Christmas season.

Here are pictures from the girls' Christmas parties today.  I am so very thankful for our school, where the children celebrate the real reason for the season.

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