Yep. We are still here. I have to be honest and admit that blogging has been the last thing on my mind this summer. We have had the most wonderful time the past few weeks, rounding out our fun-filled

We've been to the lake, where Ella almost mastered skiing slalom. I was so proud of her. 

We sent Ella off to camp with 34 of her closest friends. I got a report that there have been some major things happening with the Holy Spirit. I can't wait to get her home (tomorrow) to hear all about it. I know I've said it before, but there is something really awesome happening at our church. It's even evident in our children. I heard tonight that the camp counselors have commented that there is something special about our group of kids. I am so proud of them and love watching their walks with Christ become stronger every day. 

Lucy had photos made for the PR materials for our Dinner and Auction. I can't wait to see the finished product.  

Jack continues to be insanely precious and full of wonder. Man!  I love this kid. I seriously could eat him up. 

My birthday is Sunday and to celebrate my Mom and i went to see Michael Buble in Memphis. Anyone that knows me knows that I'm sort of in love with Michael, but not as much as my mom. Yes, we were actually this close last night. Apparently being in the fan club pays off. Ha!

Tonight we built a bonfire for Lucy and Jack...July 31st!  I still can't believe this weather. We stayed out all night roasting marshmallows and visiting with our neighbors. Sometimes living in a small town really is an amazing blessing. 

If you are willing, please say a prayer for me and Erik. I was blessed to be a part of an amazing conversation today. I am still processing what was said and how to move forward. I don't know what will come of today but I can tell you that I left broken and completely at the feet of God. I still believe with all my heart that our family was allowed to go through Lucys battle with cancer for a greater purpose. I think that today my eyes were
opened a little and I am begging God to reveal Himself. 


In Need of a Routine

Jack listening to the Frozen soundtrack as I try to catch a few more minutes of sleep at 6:30 am.  

This summer has been the best summer of my adult life.  We have traveled, we have swam, we have played in the yard and we have fished.  We have stayed up late, we have slept in (sort of) and have completely thrown our schedule out of the door.  The only mandatory things that we have had to work around have been tutoring and physical therapy.  Those aren't really negotiable.

It's been an AMAZING summer.

But....it's the end of July and the beginning of school is just 14 days away.  Why is it that I can't help in a small, tiny way to be excited?  It's not that I want my kids to be away from me.  I actually love my kids being home.  I love all their friends being over too.  The more children in my house the happier I am.  Often times I get lonely when the kiddos are gone to school.  Upon some recent self-reflection I have decided that it's the schedule--the routine--that I miss.  Please tell me I'm not the only Mom who feels this way.  I'm a good Mom, really I am.

I will always remember this summer as the first after Lucy got sick that we actually started living again.  Throwing caution to the wind hasn't even been an option the past 3 summers.  This summer, however, was about enjoying what every day had to bring; watching Lucy swim, Jack collecting large amounts of bugs and Ella growing into a young lady with her friends.  I will remember this summer as the time I just let things go.

2 months of care-free living is just about enough though, right?  Bring on the routine and schedule.  I'm ready...at least until next summer!


Swim Championships 2014

This isn't the best video and unfortunately it  doesn't show Ella kicking the booty that she did.  I was so proud of her performance at the Regional meet that was held in Tunica, Mississippi this morning.  She had a personal best in every single race she swam today.  There were 16 teams and over 200 swimmers competing today and she walked away with a 1st, (2) 5ths, a 6th and an 11th.  Not too bad for a 10 year old!

Saturday night Erik and I took Ella to eat at a great restaurant located in downtown Memphis.  It was the middle of July and we actually asked to sit outside.  The weather was amazing.  We were able to eat a nice dinner and watch the Trolley roll down Main Street along with all the horse drawn carriages.  After dinner we went for a long walk and then headed to Mississippi.  We never get to spend time alone with Ella and I think it's safe to say we may make this a yearly event.  The highlight of my night was walking through on old nickel and dime store called A. Schwab.  Ella and I had fun trying on silly hats!

Lucy and Jack got to spend the afternoon with my friend Amanda (Hyatt's mother for those of you who have followed for a while) and then moved on over to my parents for the evening.  When we went to pick them up this afternoon my Dad grabbed Ella and her friend and they headed to the sunflower field.  I love that Lucy's flower is bigger then her head!  It's hard to believe that my babies start school in less than 15 days.  Where has the summer gone??


Sweaters in July

**Thank you all for the kind words after Lucy's scan report.  It is still overwhelming and encouraging to know that there are still so many people who still pray and care for her and our family.  Lucy will need to be free of cancer for 5 years before she is officially in remission.**

There's a Polar Vortex cruising through our neck of the woods.  We have had amazing weather...low 80's during the day and 60's at night.  We were outside all night last night and tonight savoring every single moment.  The 10 day forecast looks equally as nice with the temps never getting out of the 80's.  I don't know if I have ever lived through a more pleasant July in the South.  

Yes, you are welcome for the weather analysis.  I know you are appreciative.  

What do you do in beautiful weather?  We love to slip and slide with our neighbors.  

Then, we like to build a model of the Mississippi River through the back yard.  We actually build such a wonderful river that it comes back every single time it rains!

I love these kids but sometimes I just have to shake my head.  These are the memories that we will have forever.


Scan Day

Dr. W walked in and said "you guys look nervous."  Um, ya' think?  I don't think this day will ever get easy. There is so much riding on just one word. "Clear."  We hang on every moment until we hear. 

Yes, Lucy's scans were clear. No evidence of disease. God is so very good

And so we breathe. And live another day.   


Fireworks and Family

So, if you haven't noticed my little blog has gotten a makeover.  Don't you just love it?  Well, I do.  This summer has been about de-cluttering and simplifying our lives.  I thought the same would be good for my journal--you know the place I come to unwind.

Our July the 4th consisted of an amazing weekend at the lake with my family.  We took my nieces and my sister and brother-in-law and met up with my brother, sister, their spouses and my parents.  We had an amazing time but I would be remiss by not scything that my grandparents were missed.  My grandfather used to always cook fish and BBQ for us during this holiday weekend.  Since he's been gone my grandmother just can't go to the cabin.  It's filled with too many memories--to many years of best friends fishing.

The weekend was full of tubing, skiing, fishing and laughing with abandon.  Erik and I even wiped off the cobwebs and showed the girls what real skiing is all about!  I'm no pro, but my kids think I'm the best skier in the world.  I just love the way they boost my self esteem.  Ha!  Jack even caught his first fish this weekend.

I wish I had pictures of Jack and his fish.  I have never seen a more excited or proud child in all of my life.  I took pictures with my phone, which unfortunately met its demise when Jack helped said phone find the water.  It was purely an accident but it broke my heart.  I hadn't updated pictures since before our vacation.  I lost a lot of good ones.

My mom took this picture of Jack and me to prove that I was actually at the lake.  I'm always behind the camera so I'm never in pictures.  I don't mind though.  I'm really not photogenic and my kids really are.  Works out just fine to me!

My sister my kill me but I had to post this picture.  She is a nut.  Seriously, I think something is wrong with her.  Just kidding sis.  I love you to pieces!

Scans are in 2 days.  Nerves are on edge and my stomach is staying in knots.  Your prayers are appreciated.  


We Boarded Another Roller-coaster

Today I am thankful for the summer that I have had with my children.  All three of them. My heart is so burdened for friends trying to make their way through the heartache of cancer. Friends who may not have their children much longer. 

It's been an emotional and unnerving week for us. Lucy wil never vomit or sleep super late again in her life without me worrying. There is a place in my mind and heart that I try to never visit. This week I went there several times. Thoughts, fears, visions..from the depth of my soul surfaced. 

I feel confident that Lucy is fine but your prayers are appreciated. Scans are this coming Thursday so our nerves are already on high. We continue to pray for peace, healing and Gods hand of mercy to continually be on Lucy. 


A Reason to Smile

The foundation that we have created in honor of Lucy has really been on my mind a lot lately.  There is no doubt in my mind that God laid this on mine and Erik's heart with a purpose.  I've said it before but we know too much not to share our blessings with others going through similar situations as our family.

This fall I am backing away from a lot of outside commitments.  My family is coming first and then I am focusing on the Foundation.  I really feel as if now is the time to get serious about the work that we can do.  Not that we haven't been serious before; $120,000 raised is not anything to scoff at.  It's just that now is the time to make some big things happen and you can help!

Do you shop on Amazon?  If you do, please start your shopping by going HERE.  Now you ladies have a great reason to shop.  Just tell your husband you are just doing your part to support the Go Lucy Gp Foundation!

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