We started our Thanksgiving with lunch with the Roses. As usual, there was a house full. Family from Nashville, family from home and this year we had a special treat. It was my Dad's birthday. We also celebrated my sister's birthday from earlier in the month. Mom even ordered a real birthday cake so as to make the whole event official!
The birthday girl and boy
Blowing out the candles wtih a little help from friends

Erik and Lucy share a piece of cake
This next picture is of Ella standing on her make-shift stage singing the Thanksgiving song and reciting the poem her class memorized. She was so brave and was so very proud. (So was her mommy!) I bet there were close to 20 people in the room and she never batted an eye.
After a great lunch and even better conversation, we loaded up the van and headed East. As usual, the girls did great traveling and we were there without any problems. We were able to stay for a few days and enjoyed our time with Erik's family. One of our favorite things to do at Grandma and Grandpa's house is roasting smores. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...it does not matter to us. We are going to roast some marshmellows and make smores no matter what!
This, my friend, is a PERFECT smore...roasted by my darling husband.
What goes better with smores? A sticky, ooey, gooey smile.
This year, to make matters a little more difficult, the 3 neighborhood dogs decided to join in the fun. At first it was cute and we had some good laughs over those dumb dogs. Then...Lucy the dog jumped up and ate Lucy the little girls' smore right out of her hand. Not once, but twice! Poor Lucy (the girl) was so upset. Tears ensued and our marshmellow fun was tragically shut down with a bitter halt.

Just the other day as we were driving to East TN for Christmas, Lucy says --entirely out of the blue---"If Lucy the dog eats my smore this time I'm not ever, never going back to Grandma and Grandpa's house." Little brains remember the funniest things.

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