Who knew I would have the opportunity to blog about so much snow? This has been crazy. I think we've been to school something like 4 days in all of February. I just love it. I love the snow, I love playing in it---it's just the cold I'm not too fond of. We have definitely gotten the most out of this unusual weather, though. Lots of snow cream, snowman building and sledding. I have washed snow clothes a million times and my wood floors are covered in muddy footprints. Oh, well! It's worth it to watch the girls have so much fun.
I have not been feeling well lately and I was dreading getting out to build the snowman pictured above. But, oh, how it did wonders for my mind and soul. It was great acting like a kid and making the girls so happy. At the end of the adventure, my smile was a big as the snowman's!

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