Baby Jack is 1 Month Old!

I can't believe that Jack is already one month old. I don't know if this has been the longest month of my life or the shortest. Part of my feels as if he has been here forever with us. The other part feels as if we just left the hospital yesterday.

It's been a tough first month for baby Jack. He has reflux and refuses to sleep anywhere except my chest or in one of our arms. I have officially moved to the couch for my nightly "slumber" and have made a pretty cozy area for myself. I have my cell phone, glasses, cup of water and a few US Weekly magazines for those long nightly feedings.

While I know "this too shall pass" I'm just praying I will survive the "this too" until that time comes. Even through this time, I can tell you that I love this baby more than words can describe. He is so precious and just fills me with happiness (except maybe when he's screaming between ten and midnight). I just love looking at his little round, butterball face. I think he might have even smiled with purpose this morning. I'm convincing myself he did because, well, I need it right now. Just a tiny acknowledgement that he knows me makes my sacrifice so worth it!

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  1. Oh Kate! How I remember!!!! I give all the sympathy in the world, because I know and remember the baby who wanted to eat every 2 hours, cried constantly from tummy aches, and would "spew" everytime I moved him. The exhaustion was enough to make me want to clock out and hibernate. But oh, he was and is so worth it! Hang in there mama. PLEASE....if you need a nap, I will come and stay anytime. You know my hours!! ;)