Its a Tradition

In typical Krull style, Ella's birthday has dragged out an additional week.  Ella and her best friend, Gracen, celebrated their 11th birthdays with a movie/slumber party.  Amanda and I took 15 kids and 5 adults to see the movie "Dolphin Tale 2" and then followed that up with a wonderful slumber party.

Instead of going to the movie, Amanda's husband Nelson stayed home and, unbeknownst to us, planned and prepared about 7 games for the girls to play.  I about died, seeing as I usually just tell the girls to go upstairs to play.  Apparently I need to up my game.  He really went overboard making sure the girls were entertained.  I'm still laughing when I think about how proud he was of himself.  It was pretty impressive (but don't tell him I said that.)

Games like rump-shaker, cheez-it pile on, cracker-whistle and the obligatory line dancing (think cha-cha slide.)  I left the girls in good hands and for the first time in several years did not host a party at my house.  I went home and slept in my own bed while Nelson and Amanda tossed and turned to the sound of little girls giggles and whispers until 4:00am.

Ella had a soccer game at 9:00 and in a very obedient move she actually went to sleep at 11:00.  Oh, I remember the day of staying up all night....and then feeling like crap the next day.  I sure couldn't do it now.  Speaking of being old and tired....stayed tuned.  Jack's birthday party is tomorrow.  If I wasn't worn out yesterday I'm sure 15 little 4 year olds will do it tomorrow.


  1. Happy birthday, Ella! The cake is amazing...

  2. love the cake and love that Ella has a special BFF to celebrate together. Pretty awesome dad to figure out games too- plan to use some of those at Youth group. Yep, Jack's group will be a lot wilder.

  3. I would like to hear more about these games. They sound fun!