You Did It!

Yes!  You did it.  We did it.  GOD did it!  Thanks to you the Go Lucy Go Foundation raised over $51,000 last week at the dinner and auction.  I am still in awe over what a wonderful event we put together.  There were many hours invested and lots of sleepless nights but we did it!

I owe a debt of gratitude to every person who gave of her/his time, to all the sponsors and to all the people who gave donations to the auction.  My list of thank you notes to write grows every day as I think about every single person who contributed.  God is so good and continues to provide.  The night was beyond my wildest dreams.

Thank you especially to Geoff Calkins and Brandon Roten for being our guest speakers.  Geoff has an amazing story to tell and Brandon had me in tears from the moment he started speaking.  He somehow managed to put into words every single emotion and fear that Erik and I still live with everyday.  I was speechless when he got through, and that doesn't happen very often.  I sat with my heart pounding out of my chest as he spoke.

Brandon spoke of "normal", something I've written a lot about on this blog.  What is normal anyway? Whatever it is, it's gone when you have a child diagnosed with cancer.  Goeff spoke of fried clams,  which was his "normal" when he was being treated for Leukemia as a child.  It all tied so perfectly together in a way I could never have imagined or planned.

But you see, that's what the Go Lucy Go Foundation strives to do.  We want to give every child, every family, a chance to be normal.  What ever little bit of normal they can find during this journey, we want to be able to give it to them.  We can't take away cancer and we can't heal their sick child.  We can't change their situation but we can try to help them find a ray of sunshine in an otherwise black sky.

Thank you for your support.  Because of you we will be providing lots of glimpses of "normal" in the coming months.


  1. Way to go! God is good - all the time. Always wear my Go Lucy Go t-shirts but one day I'm going to make it to the dinner