Some Awesome News

Well, it's awesome news for me at least.  (this is where I obnoxiously brag on myself)

Yep!  I did it and I'm not stopping.  The first time I did a Whole 30 I didn't have my "head straight" as I like to say.  All I did was count down the days until I was done.  Now really, that's not how you change your lifestyle is it?  This time around it was so different.  I never counted days, didn't have cravings and actually have enjoyed trying all the new recipes that I have found.  I haven't weighed lately but I am loving my non-scale victories:

-So much energy I have to force myself to go to bed at night
-My skin looks great-Erik says my "color" looks good 
-No headaches, tummy aches or muscle cramps
-My mid-afternoon cravings are gone 
-I feel AWESOME!

(Well I did until I unwittingly ingested Gluten and I've been sick for the past 24 hours.  That's not been cool at all.) 

Besides the Whole 30 I've been exercising at least an hour every day.  It's not easy to find the time but I'm committed to making this change for me.  So...here's to a new lifestyle, not another Whole 30!

In other news, Ella played in her first indoor soccer tournament this past weekend.  She had a blast and I loved watching her play.  The games were 15 minutes of crazy chaos.  

This is my favorite picture.  Coach L giving Ella a pep talk and Coach Erik trying to stay out of it!  It's hard being your daughter's coach.  

Lucy hung out with me all day while we watched soccer and then we did a little shopping afterwards.  My sweet girl is actually trying to grow a little so it was time for some new blue jeans.  Jack spent the day playing on the farm with my Dad, having the time of his life.  My Dad taught him how to drive a Trackhoe, which makes me smile when I think about how many happy hours my grandfather spent on one "rearranging dirt."  That's what we used to say he did when he was bored.  The memories they made will last forever. 


  1. Congrats on your whole 30. I'm glad that Ella's team has 2 coach's so she can get her
    words of wisdom - good and possible needs improvement from other than Coach Dad. Your rearranging dirt reminded me of what my dad used to say when he was living - your words, awesome memory recall for me - thank you!