What a Day!

Everyone around here will remember to the snows of 2010. What a surprise for the kids (and adults). Our family got the very most out of every snowflake that fell. We played outside for hours and hours. We went sledding, rode 4-wheelers and then went sledding some more. Oh what a fun time we had! Here are some pictures from our sledding adventure with some great friends.

I love this picture of Ella

Gracen , Ella and Andi

If you look closely you will see the fear/fun the kids were having being pulled in our make-shift sled.

Lucy did really well on the smaller hills. She was "burned" in the beginning, so she was a bit timid for the rest of the weekend.

Lucy and Bo

Ginger and Skipper having some snow fun

Ella would have sledded for days and days and days and days.

Ella and Andi

This might look like a yard sale, but its just proof of the fun we all had.

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