A Conversation with Lucy

L "Hey Mommy. What is the baby's name?"
Me "Well, Lucy. I'm not sure. We have to wait to find out if its a boy or a girl."
L "If its a girl what will her middle name be?"
Me "I just don't know."
L "I have the perfect idea"
Me " Oh! Can you tell me?"
L "Sparkle."
Me "Yes Lucy. That is a beautiful name."
L "But what will her real name be?" (that means what will her first name be?)
Me "I don't know Lucy. Do you have a suggestion?"
L "Diamond."
Me "Wow! That's even prettier than sparkle!"
L "What will her last name be?"
Me "It will be the same as ours honey."
L "I have a better idea. How about Watermelon."

There you have it. If we have a little girl her name will be Diamond Sparkle Watermelon.

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  1. That is so cute! I remind Kyle every once and a while that he wanted to name Chase "Fruit Snack" and "Flush" like a toilet flush!!!

    Bye the way I am so happy for you! I shared your good news with Lindsay at work; Aiden and Ella are in the same class. Then I thought proper etiquette would be to congratulate you first. Sorry but I was excited!

  2. :) I love their thoughts and the way they express themselves, but all I can think after reading that is that I have my fingers crossed for a boy! lol