French Toast

I posted on April 16th that I was craving French toast like crazy! Well, that afternoon I went to get my hair cut and there was a Food Network magazine on the table. I picked it up and wouldn't you know it? The first page I turned to was a full spread on French toast! It was meant to be, I tell you. So while Sonya trimmed and colored, I salivated over the gorgeously plated, perfectly carmalized french toast. Then I hastily left The Depot, went to the grocery and retreived all the ingredients for the perfect French toast. The trick to this toast was that you cooked it in the skillet then you baked it for about 10 minues. It was heavenly!!

(mine might not have looked as good as the magazine's, but wow! It sure tasted great!)

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  1. Looks good. Have you ever made Pioneer Womans Baked French toast? Really Really good and EASY! I've made it for playgroup several times and there is never anything left! Enjoy, give into those cravings:)