Mother's Day 2010

This year, as usual, we spent Mother's Day at my parent's house. We had a great time visiting with family and it was so nice having a baby in the house. I couldn't keep my hands off Maddie with the anticipation rapidly growing for my own baby. What a wonderful Mother's day it was for me. Knowing that I was already a mother to 3, although only 2 were present at the time. God is so good!

This is my sister and her husband. Aren't they a beautiful couple? Me and my mommy sharing a kiss!

Ella and my grandmother, her great-grandmother. I love having these pictures of them together. I know these will make for wonderful memories one day.
I love this picture..
As an aside, the girls (and later mom and I) took a ride around the lake in the Hydratrek. The girls love riding in it, so Pops took them for a wildlife tour.
We found several duck nests full of eggs. You can always find them on the island this time of year. It was a wonderful way to end a great day!

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