Colorado Part 1

Earlier this month our family went to Colorado for our annual ski trip. It was our 5, Mom, Dad, Rebecca, Maddie and John Paul. Rebecca's husband did not go due to a recent stomach surgery and Dad was not able to ski because of a torn ACL. Nanny and Pops were babysitters of the year--watching both Jack and Maddie each day so that we all could ski. We did take one day off, though, to have a "fun" day with the girls. Tubing down the kiddie hill is always one of our favorite things to do!

Lucy with her ski school class. She was a natural. She was skiing circles around the other kids in no time flat. As a matter of fact, once she started skiing with us we had to constantly tell her to slow down!

My favorite picture spot on all of the mountain. I will never, ever tire of this beautiful view.


Uncle John Paul and his two girls! He was Mr. Popular this trip. The girls just soaked up their time with him. Every day when it was time to leave, we would meet by the first pit. The girls would get ice cream and JP and I would get a latte.

This is the day the girls skied with us all day. We had so much fun with them. Ella, as usual, skied very conservatively while Lucy was a wild child!

Erik leading with Ella close behind.

Ella in the warming hut on our last run of the day.

Another day by the fire pit.

Ella and Lucy getting ready for a full day of adventures. Ella has been begging to ski with poles for the past 2 years. Erik finally gave in and let her have them on this particular day. We no more than got off the first lift and she already disliked them. We had to ski them down to a lift and pick them up at the end of the day.

Ella loves to ski through the trees. This year one of her favorite runs had been named. Dilly Dally Alley. How fun to say. Even more fun to ski!

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