Nanny and Pops of the Year

A big thank you is much deserved for my Mom and Dad. This is what they did while we skiied every day:

I know it killed them not being able to leave the house and it is definately not like my Dad to stay so couped up in the house. They were wonderful though. Just so gracious to watch the kiddos. There were moments, I'm sure, when they wanted to pull their hair out but they hung in there for the week. And while Maddie and Jack won't remember anything about this trip, my sister and I will always remember it as the trip where out parents acted completely selfless and allowed us to have a wonderful vacation. I love you Mom and Dad!!

My red-headed beauty playing peek-a-boo

Jack's first time in an exersaucer

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  1. oh my gosh, he is soooo his sister, I thought he might change and grow out of it, but I think it's more so now! He's precious.