A Shower for Jack

I have to admit that I've always felt a little wierd about having a baby shower for second and third babies.  I just never was comfortable with the concept, until my sister-in-law said once that every child should be celebrated.  And she is right.  Every child, no matter if you have one or twelve is a gift from God and deserves to be honored.  And I have appreciated having a few new keepsakes for each of my children that I have received at their shower.  It was really nice having this shower for Jack, as I was starting from scratch with this little boy. 

My friends threw this shower with a construction theme.  My family has been in the construction business for  close to 60 years, so it was very appropriate that I found this fabric to decorate his room with.

So, Jack's baby shower continued the theme and the hostesses completly outdid themselves with the cutest decorations.  I was so excited.

What made this shower so special was not only having family and friends in attendance, but having Ella and Lucy there to help opens gifts and get excited about their baby brother coming. 

These shoes are so precious.  It's hard to believe that his tiny feet will be in them very soon. 

The food was amazing and my friends were even thoughtful enough to serve Sparkling Strawbery Lemonade from Sonic.  My current addiction (and part of the reason I have gained so much weight).

Some family photos. 

These are the hostess gifts I made with help from my friend Christi and her Cricut machine.

 A picture with the hostesses.

Amanda Williams, Kendra Parr, Sara White, Me, Rebecca Cochran and Amy Beasley.

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  1. Your friend is right. Every child deserves to be a celebration. I'm glad you got to celebrate Jack coming. I bet you can't believe he is so big already!!