No pictures.... Just a memory

Exactly one year ago today we spent the day riding 4 wheelers and Rangers with our closest friends. Afterwards we ate dinner at Nelson and Amanda's house. If I remember correctly we had burgers and hotdogs. Lucy was recovering from a stomach bug and
we had to leave early that night because she wasn't feeling well.

Tonight we had dinner at Nelson and Amanda's house. One year to the date. We ate hotdogs and burgers. No one even realized how significant today was. It was just another night to us. The way it should be. The way I pray it will be forever more.

But we did spend a few minutes in reflection about how much all of our loves have changed. We talked about the phone call that change all our lives forever. Sarah and Amanda were on a school bus together coming home from a field trip. Erik was at a lunch meeting. I was just a stay at home mom who was put out be because of an ongoing stomach bug.

Tonight as I type on my phone laying on bed I'm thinking about the medicine I just gave Lucy, the feeding tube I just cleaned and attached, the bald head I kissed goodnight and the 8 year old sleeping beside her; keeping watch as her baby sister sleeps.

This was not my life one year ago. My life was perfect one year ago.... or so I thought.

Our pastor talked this morning about the sifting process that God allows us to go through at times in our lives. He is sifting the useful parts of us from the worthless parts. He is purifying the finished product. While I know I am a long, long way from a finished product, I feel that this past year has begun to prepare me and our whole family for something so much greater than even our wildest imagination.

February 23rd is the day that we will always remember as Lucy's diagnosis day. So many memories are attached to this day. Horrible, painful memories.

But as I look back tonight I am reminded of the miracles that have been performed for Lucy and the grace that has been bestowed upon our family. As the road map of our lives is laid out before us it is evident that God has designed each step of our lives to perfectly fit within this huge master plan he has created for us.

It has been humbling to watch things fall into place in such a way that can not even be explained. Our lives are a masterpiece in the creation. I know this full well.

We are blessed. So very blessed.


  1. I've thought about February 23 as it inches closer each hour and remembered reading the blog last year with anticipation. It has been a long, humbling year, and I will always have your family in my thoughts and pray that Lucy gets stronger each day.

  2. And the rest of us are blessed because you have been so real and raw in sharing your journey with us. Thank you for making me a better mother, a better wife, and a more thankful woman. We are still praying for your family here in Mississippi!

  3. What a year of terrible and yet awe inspiring and faith building times you all have gone through. Your testimony of God's grace has touched many. Thanks for allowing us to participate in lifting Lucy up in prayer. 2012 is truly a time for new beginnings and continuing to watch God work in your family.

  4. I love what your pastor said, "He is sifting the useful parts from the worthless parts. He is purfying the finished product" So right and perfect!

    Praying for Lucy always...

  5. A beautiful post. Reminds me to be very very grateful for what I have.

  6. Been thinking about you and your dear ones a lot lately as I knew the anniversary was coming up. My pastor's sermon yesterday was about "glimpses of God." Miss Lucy has helped me get some really powerful glimpses in the past year. And my pastor happened to ask how Lucy was doing as he greeted me after church. Your little girl has touched many lives and will continue to do so. What a gift.

  7. And your journey, Lucy's illness, the faith in God that stood strong through it all. Those are only a few things that daily reminded us that...Life is fragile, it is a miracle. Things are unimportant; they don't matter. What matters is human life and what we choose to do with it. I will always continue to pray for you and your precious family. My "Lucy" button will continue to be displayed on my blog page because I want others to see what life is really about. It is about the journey...the trials, God's faithfulness, our humanness. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!

  8. I have never commented before but I wanted to let you know your blog is very encouraging to me. I live in another state and found your blog on a friend of a friend's blog. We have had an anniversary too this month. Not cancer but a blood clotting disorder that resulted in the amputation of part of my son's leg. A lot has happened this past year and there have been times when I felt overwhelmed with what God had put on my plate. Your words have encouraged me. So if you ever have a day when you wonder if your words mean anything I am sure there are others out there like me who have read them only to be encouraged by them. Romans 8:28 I remember you family in my prayers.

  9. This is so amazing! God has worked a miracle in sweet Lucy! God is always good and will never leave us nor forsake us! Praise the Lord!

    Love, Allison

  10. It has been such a tough year. But as I have stuck through this with you praying and praying I have noticed a huge growth in your faith and love for God. This is a nightmare that no parent ever wants to have to go through but you have come through shining and fighting so hard for your precious girl.

    Hoping and praying that Lucy heals and will become strong and her faith and love in God will grow too.

    Always praying for Lucy,

  11. A year of terror and of thankfulness. I am thankful that Lucy is better. I am thankful that God watches over us and carries us through.

    Today I was thinking how quickly things change. A year ago, my husband and I excitedly traveled to Texas to pick up our new Ragdoll kitten. We had no idea it was even possible that my husband he wouldn't be alive one year later. We must cherish each day.

  12. Kate, Thank you again for sharing so honestly with us. I have just started helping a friend who is going through chemo and I realized that I learned a LOT by reading your blog...and I am more compassionate and more understanding. You are ministering - right now - through me - to a dear friend. Thanks.

  13. I know of lives you have personally changed via this blog, including mine. I refer to your faith often in the board of directors meeting at our church, there are just so many examples of you facing terrible circumstances and yet you proclaim God as King and everlasting God. I can only pray that I would have your faith in a similar situation. Lucy is truly blessed to have a family such as yours. May God bless you, and St. Jude for years to come.

  14. Your story is amazing! I first found you cuz of your funny blog title...it attracted me. Then I come on and realize you are a christian - giving God all the glory even in pain. I'm so sorry for all that you are going through. I lost my mom/best friend to cancer - it was a quick 6 months from diagnosis...but she is home with our Lord and that gives me hope even though I miss her every single second. Come find me I have a blog about teaching and mommyhood, I think you'll like it. God bless you xoxox
    Laughter and Happily Ever After

  15. Still praying, still loving you all from Franklin...
    Tracie and The Hamilton Boys