Well, we finally did it.  Erik and I took a mini-vacation this past weekend. We had an amazing time with some amazing friends, but it was sheer agony leaving our kids behind.  I knew it was something we needed to do.  For me, for us and for Lucy.  We have been attached to each other for almost a solid year and we both needed to gain a tiny bit of independence.  Once we finally said our "good byes" and drove out of the driveway I started to relax. 

But let me tell you.  I have never been so happy in my life as I was when I walked in the door and my sweet children ran into my arms, all but knocking me to the floor.  Even Lucy was running.  The time away was enough to recharge our "batteries," but I don't plan on leaving my kiddos ANY time soon.  Home is where I want to be.  It's where my heart is.  Right here with my husband and children.  Right where we are now. 

Tomorrow we are back to a normal routine.  School, tumbling, St. Jude check up with Dr. W and laundry!  Tuesday Lucy is scheduled for a small procedure to change out her g-tube tubing to a Mickey button.  We are so excited for this change and it will give Lucy even more freedom. 

And thank you all for the prayers for my grandmother.  Your prayers were definitely felt and greatly appreciated. 

Signing off to go snuggle with my babies.  We have lots of lost snuggle time to make up for!

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  1. Glad you both were able to getaway for a little bit, enjoy snuggling with those kiddos!



  2. Hi Kate,
    I am glad you pulled yourself away from your children and had a mini break with your husband. I know you don't ever want to leave your children but you do need to look after yourself and your relationship with Erik. It is important.

    Praying and praying often for Lucy and your sweet family.

    Blessings, & great to hear Lucy running. :)

  3. I loved this post! It's so wonderful to hear that even when things aren't perfect you are all still are finding joy in small things, even if only for a short time being. I hope that all of you can do that with whatever you face in life. Praying for all of you.:)

  4. So happy for you and your family. You deserve all the snuggles, hugs and holidays you get.

  5. I know it had to be hard, and right now you don't think you can leave the kids again, but it's so important to take care of you. So glad you had a good time.

  6. Good for you. I totally understand how you felt when you left them, and also how you felt the minute you walked in the door. My husband and I did that almost a year ago when we went to California... finally got to the airport in MEM to fly out and I began to feel better... just getting out the door with hugs and kisses (and tears) is the hard part. :)

    I will add that my husband and I always talk about how God gave us one another before He gave us our children, and how important our relationship is, and that He expects us to "refuel" from time to time as to not run low on agape love for one another... Our children do not benefit when our relationship is weak. I am happy you got to get away, and that you returned with everyone happy; may the time with your family be precious this week.

    Lucy remains in our prayers and on our hearts. She is so special. And you are amazing, Kate. Keep on keepin' on, sister. Thanks for sharing your sweet family.

    Selena Bragg