48 Hours

Last Saturday we spent the entire day outside.  The weather was amazing in it's 65 degree glory.  It was such a nice treat to be above freezing for a day.

Copper might have enjoyed the day more than anyone.  He ran around the yard for hours and then collapsed all night.  And oh my goodness!  Look at my baby boy.  This makes me so sad and so proud at the same time.

Two days later and my yard looked like this...

Our town was hit pretty hard by an ice storm, causing thousands to be without power for extended periods of time.  Thankfully we never lost power but we were prepared for the worst. We are all sleeping in the same room right now, air mattresses and everything.  We have some really large trees around our house and I'm a nervous wreck that one of those branches will fall on the kids' rooms.  I know that is not likely to happen but I just don't like to take chances.

The kiddos are going back to school tomorrow for the first time since Tuesday at noon.  I have loved having time with them; time well spent in pajamas in front of the fire.  Days like these remind me, however, how nice it is to be able to get outside and play!  We've been busy with lots of Valentine crafts and baking but the walls are starting to close in just a little bit.  I think we will all be glad to get back into a regular routine tomorrow.

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  1. It has been crazy weather - we went from 4-6 inches snow here in NC to 60 degrees but it is back cold again and snow flurries last night. Sounds like you had fun even while stuck inside. I agree - Baby Boy is growing up fast.

  2. I think a lot of people are feeling snowbound this winter. I know you can add me to the list :)

  3. That picture of Jack looks like a jeans ad! So cute!

  4. desperateforavacationFebruary 7, 2014 at 10:38 PM

    When did Jack get so tall and leggy? Cute!