Swim Championships 2014

This isn't the best video and unfortunately it  doesn't show Ella kicking the booty that she did.  I was so proud of her performance at the Regional meet that was held in Tunica, Mississippi this morning.  She had a personal best in every single race she swam today.  There were 16 teams and over 200 swimmers competing today and she walked away with a 1st, (2) 5ths, a 6th and an 11th.  Not too bad for a 10 year old!

Saturday night Erik and I took Ella to eat at a great restaurant located in downtown Memphis.  It was the middle of July and we actually asked to sit outside.  The weather was amazing.  We were able to eat a nice dinner and watch the Trolley roll down Main Street along with all the horse drawn carriages.  After dinner we went for a long walk and then headed to Mississippi.  We never get to spend time alone with Ella and I think it's safe to say we may make this a yearly event.  The highlight of my night was walking through on old nickel and dime store called A. Schwab.  Ella and I had fun trying on silly hats!

Lucy and Jack got to spend the afternoon with my friend Amanda (Hyatt's mother for those of you who have followed for a while) and then moved on over to my parents for the evening.  When we went to pick them up this afternoon my Dad grabbed Ella and her friend and they headed to the sunflower field.  I love that Lucy's flower is bigger then her head!  It's hard to believe that my babies start school in less than 15 days.  Where has the summer gone??


  1. My kids are swimming in the state meet this Friday. We are in GA and they don't have 100 free for summer swimming until the kids are 11-12. It is interesting how things are different from place to place. Way to go Ella!

  2. I am so very happy that Lucy's scans came back clear. Y'all look like you had fun on your outing with Ella and congrats to her swim meet. Enjoy the rest of your summer and I look forward to reading about the rest of it.

  3. Way to go Ella! Also, so happy that the three of you got to spend some "just you" time together. They grow up way to fast.... Love the sunflowers

  4. Way to go Ella! Family time is the best....enjoy it while you can. LOVE the sunflowers! Estes, Harrogate, TN