We made it home and everyone was so glad to sleep in their own bed last night. 

This picture of Jack pretty much sums everyone up. I don't think there is an awake person in this house beside me and Ella. She would be asleep too but she is in major make-up work mode. 

I think the thing that has stuck with me the most from last week was the constant reminder of what a miracle Luxy is. There is no reason, but God, that she is here. There are so many sick children in this world. There are also so many kids who would give anything to be able to walk and run and play like Lucy. 

As hard as it is for Lucy sometimes, I can't seem to get last week off my mind. We were with some children with major physical disabilities. It was a good dose of thankfulness all week. 

Our town is being rocked right now with hurt and despair and lots of questioning. 
A friend of mine, a young mother age 36, died of a massive heart attack last week. A 6 year old girl is being sent home on hospice due to her body succumbing to cancer, a family lost everything in a terrible fire. I don't understand any of it neither can I even begin to wrap my head around these families moving forward. 

My problems are small and Lucy's life is blessed. No, it's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. But we have each other and we have a strong relationship with God. In the end, Lucy will be made whole and I will have no worries or fears.  

My prayer for these families mentioned is that the God of all, the King of Kings, the healer, will bless them with comfort, peace and understanding. I ask your prayers for them all. 


  1. What horrible tragedies. Prayers for all.

  2. I am so thankful for Lucy and the miracle Father has done in her. Always praying for her.

    Lifting up these families who are suffering, how tragic. I know one day God will answer all the 'whys'.


  3. 13 People in our church have cancer. I don't understand it.

    On a lighter not - Jack looks so big in this picture.