Disney and Diets

Day 5 in the books with this Whole 30.  Things are going well and I'm experimenting with lots of fun new recipes.  I'm like a full time chef these days.  I'm subbing this week at the school and being gone all day reminds me how hard it is to work all day and then get everything else done around the house.  I have the utmost respect for all you moms who work outside the home.  It is HARD!  

I am working on uploading and editing all the pictures from the Champions trip.  I may be done by 2017.  Dang!  I took a lot of pictures.  I'm making a photo book of them so I won't be sharing all of them here but I wanted to post some along the way.  Have I ever mentioned that I love Disneyworld?  Seriously..I could go back right now.  

I also wanted to share the website to the Chronological Bible Study that I am doing. I bought the printed version because I love to put pen to paper.  It's why I'm addicted to paper planners I guess.  Each morning you can check the CBS website for their daily blog post which accompanies that day's reading.  There is a mini devotional that goes along with it as well as questions to help you better understand what you read.  

http://www.chronologicalbibleteaching.com/category/blog/  or click HERE


  1. Love your photos! I bought and read The Whole 30 the last time you posted on it (GREAT book), but haven't tried the diet as of yet. You are inspiring me though! I might have to venture on over and peak at your Pinterest. :)

  2. Great photos! Here's something we learned by chance the last time we were there: Get your photo on Main Street taken RIGHT before the parade. There's almost NO ONE behind/around you!

  3. I am a huge Disney fan, too! We were just there in November and I could certainly go back right now! =) My husband just rolls his eyes when I sigh and say, "Ah, wish I was at Disney." He says the only thing magic about Magic Kingdom is the way your money vanishes from your wallet!

    We have that same picture between the toy soldiers. Love it there at Christmas time!

  4. Kate,
    I love your blog and I feel nobody can ever have to many pictures on their blog. I also have to say that the pictures are all so sweet but the one with Lucy and Minny mouse and Jack is the sweetest picture ever. She looks amazing. Thanks so much for sharing.