Surgery Update

Hi friends. Thank you all for storming the gates for us today. God must have heard all the prayers for protection and discernment because Lucy's surgery was postponed. When the doctor heard about the rapid onset hearing loss in her "good" ear he ordered an audio gram. What showed was nerve damage and that's not good. Lucy will be on a week of high dose steroids followed by an MRI next Friday. We will assess the situation at that point and figure out how to proceed. 

        This is Lucy being "totally over it."

I appreciate the doctor being cautious as Lucy's hearing is in the balance. Please pray that the issue is vascular and will respond to steroid treatment. The second prayer would be that if the damage/loss is permanent God would make provisions for hearing in other forms. 

Third, please pray for Lucy. She is frightened, frustrated and confused. She went to bed Tuesday night being able to hear (with a hearing aid) almost perfectly in one ear. She woke up almost completely deaf. This has been very hard on her and she's just been through so much in her short 9 years. 

Thank you all for your love and support.


  1. Sweet Lucy is in my prayers for healing.

  2. Prayers for Lucy and for you as well...mom feels the pain and fear and confusion of her child..prayers needed for you too...

  3. Ever since I started following Lucy's story almost 5 years ago (I was 16), not a day has gone by when I haven't thought of her. I know I have never met you, but I truly love your family and I wish only amazing things for all of you! Kate you probably won't remember this but you wrote a blog post once about how hard it was to see kids Lucy's age when you're daughter was going through so much, you said it was like a constant reminder of where Lucy should have been. At the time I was going through really difficult times with my own emotions about my sister being autistic. She was a completely normal child until she was four, and then she started to regress. She stopped smiling, talking, playing, she was a completely different person. I was only 8 at the time and I watched it all happen, but I never really understood what was going on. At 17 it all hit me, how I had lost part of my little sister and she was never coming back. It truly feels as though part of her had died , I couldn't look at old pictures of her, seeing any one her age or kids who had typical siblings made me physically ill. I sunk into a pretty deep depression but I felt as though I couldn't tell anyone because I have always had to be strong for my parents and sisters. I suffered all of this grief in silence. I remember posting a comment on that blog post you made, not trying to make you feel better or to pity you, but just to say that I understood. You emailed me with such kind words and told me that you were praying for my family. I can not even begin to tell you what those words meant to me at that time. I remember just sobbing, knowing that someone understood and was thinking about my family. I don't know at the time if anyone had ever said that to me. Following Lucy's story gave me so much hope for me, Lucy and your family mean so much to me. I have always wanted to contact you and tell you how much Lucy's journey has changed my life but for some reason I have always put it off, I can't even imagine how busy you must be! But I really feel the need to tell you this now. I am praying for your family, for Lucy, you all are always in my thoughts

    1. Lauren - you have such wisdom for such a young age. I am Praying for you, your sister & your family! I hope that your sister is doing well. Make sure you tell her that you love her - sisters are the best!

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  5. Kate - just wanted you to know we love you & your family. Praying always for Lucy. Wish I could have seen y'all when lily Brooks & I were in Memphis a few weeks ago. Lily Brooks would have loved to have seen Lucy. So happy how well Lucy has done lately & sad frustrated at this turn. :( praying always. Love you!

  6. My sweet Jesus please touch Lucy and heal her!!!! So much love for your family, your story and the amazing brave girl!!

  7. Prayers for you all as you deal with this new challenge. Prayers that the hearing loss is temporary. Prayers for your sweet girl who has been through so much.

  8. Praying, praying, praying, praying . . .

  9. continued prayers for sweet Kate!

  10. Oh Lucy! Prayers for all & you will get through this. Look how far you have come, try just one day (or hour?!?!) at a time. It's all you can do. Prayers always

  11. Praying for Lucy who is beyond amazing. And prayers for you as well.

  12. Praying for your sweet baby girl. Lucy has been through so much, but her faith and fight are stronger than ever. She is such an inspiration! I pray for Lucy and for all of your sweet family!

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