Gotta Play Catch Up...

For a while! Really, lots and lots of pictures to post and stories to tell. I can't even begin to tell you how behind I am on documenting our lives. I know I don't do this for the people reading my blog, but I get frustrated with myself for not doing it more often. I mean, it used to be so easy.
Take a cute picture, write a story about it and hit publish. That's it. I mean, how hard is it really?

The hardest part is finding the time these days. With me going back to work and us traveling like crazy people, time has been a scarce commodity. I am praying that things calm down soon. They HAVE to. I can't keep up this hectic pace. Even now, I am fighting off an infection...likely caused by stress and my body just not working properly. So anyway, here's to catching up!

In June, my Mom and I taught 3rd grade at our church's Vacation Bible School. This was our third year to work together and we had a wonderful time. The church threw a kick-off party the night before the week began. The girls had a wonderful time, as you can tell!

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