The End of the Vacation

No trip to East Tn would be complete without a trip to the mountains. And in the summer, it is mandatory that we picnic in Metcalf Bottoms and play in the streams. Remember it was unseasonably cool and the water was FREEZING!!! I was the brave mommy and stayed in that water until my girls had had their fill. Which, by the way, was several hours later. As usual we had a wonderful time.

Later that night, though, Lucy and Grandma both ended up in the Emergency Room. Both were released shortly and have fully recovered.

Lucy before Impetigo...... Lucy after the infection. (This is actually before it got too bad. I just can't bring myself to post the real pictures.)

This is my nephew Alec. When he came into our lives, he was 3. He is 16 now and has grown into such a handsome young man; talented and smart. We are very proud of him.

Ella is smitten with Alec. He is so good to pay attention and play with her.

My pretty girl collecting rocks from the stream.

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