Hilton Head in Review

This will take several posts, but I wanted to share some pictures from our Hilton Head trip. We had such a nice time visiting with Erik's family (remember the 10 day trip that included impetigo and a visit to the ER?) Well, that part was not fun, but the rest of it was awesome! Hilton Head is a wonderful place to visit and the memories we made will last forever. It was our first-ever trip with Erik's family and Ella and Lucy were in heaven with their cousins. I hope it is the first of many vacations to come.

Like most beach vacations, we spent a lot of time, well, at the beach. The sand in South Carolina was very different from the white sands of the Gulf Coast. It was more muddy. See?

And the last day we were there, the tide was so low that everywhere you stepped you felt hundreds of sand dollars and starfish. That was so neat! We've never "caught" those before.

The other thing we did everyday was ride bikes. We rode bikes everywhere! It seemed as if everyone on the island rode bikes--everywhere. Hilton Head is a very "green" community. I felt so eco-friendly. The week before we left home, Ella learned to ride her bike without training wheels. It took one time--really, only one time--and she was off! Just like a pro. This 10-day trip was just the right timing to help her perfect her riding skills. Can you tell from the smile on her face how proud she is?

The other adventure included alligators. This fellow was in our back yard one afternoon. I would guess probably 10 yards from our deck.

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  1. Looks like you all had a blast! The lighthouse is beautiful, and the starfish and sand dollar finds are amazing. That is too neat! I once found a sand dollar about the size of a silver dollar when I was about Ella's age, but that was clear luck! As for the alligator...yikes!