Lucy Has a Friend

Well, Lucy actually has LOTS of friends.
Just none that ever come play with only her. The other night, the Parr's came over for dinner and Lucy thought it was all about her. Coco is about 9 months younger than she is, but their age difference is definately becoming less apparent. Being the younger sister, Lucy never has a friend come to just play with her. There is usually a sibling that tags along with Ella's friends, or she plays with her friend Hyatt. But no girls her own age.

While Erik and I enjoyed Donald and Kendra's company, Lucy really had a nice time playing with Coco. Ella kept herself busy pulling EVERY baby toy out of the nursery for Sebastian. (have a mentioned that Ella asks God on a regular basis to put a baby in Mommy's tummy? ahem....that is a different post all together.)
It's funny how when Ella was growing up I made an extraordinary effort to find friends for her to play with. Somehow I convinced myself that she HAD to have someone to play with at such a young age. I am now realizing that I spent so much time growing relationships for her that I have neglected growing friendships for Lucy due to the time I spend maintaining Ella's friendships. I guess there is lesson to learn here and always time for change.
Even our own next door neighbors are exactly my girls' age. But the little girl is Ella's age and the little boy is Lucy's. Does Lucy even stand a chance of having girlfriends? Well, thank goodness for this precious little Coco.

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  1. definitely 3 of the cutest girls I've ever seen! BTW: Coco slept in her bed like "Ella" last night & did great!!! Only now she calls it her bed like "Lucy." Oh the power of peer pressure!