Did You Know?

For anyone that might be in the delima I am currently faced with, did you know that you could post date your entries to your blog? While I was working with the blog2print software last night trying to get 2009's blog entries ready to print, I realized that I still have not posted anything about the whole month of December! So I started playing around and figured out that I can place the posts back in 2009--right in order!

I knew that you could schedule a post to be uploaded for a future date but now that I know I can put a post in the past, I am thrilled! I thought this was cool enough to share with my fellow readers.

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  1. Good to know! I might get you to show me how before I leave on our trip so I can send the boys some posted dated messages from me while I'm gone. I'm worried that Brandon will have to go into Lakeside for mommy-withdrawals while I'm away