Friday of Spring Break

Well, it's Friday of Spring Break. My list of to-dos has been drastically whittled away. I still have a lot to do before baby 3 gets here (I added painting all the downstairs rooms yellow to the list this week) but I definately feel a great sense of accomplishment. The only thing I really did not get to work on was blog posts. Luckily now that I know how to pre-date my posts, I can get them back into the correct order without fear of messing up 2010's book. My health has greatly improved as well. That has been a huge blessing!
This week we spent some quality time with my sister and baby Maddie. We went to the zoo, did a little shopping, got haricuts andplayed in the sprinkler (I have to admit it was a bit cool and the girls only played for 15 min.)

Ella went to her first slumber party. She, Lillian and Andi stayed up until almost midnight and woke up at 7 ready to go. I wish I had pictures of the night! For some reason today I have a crazy (strong) craving for french toast and bread pudding. So..it's off to the grocery I go to buy my ingredients. You think Kroger carries Brioche bread? If not, Italian bread will have to do.
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  1. Mmmmm....double layer cream cheese french toast! Call me & I'll make you some!

  2. where were you this week??? i thought you were coming to see us!