Carlos Racecar

This is our baby boy. Our baby brother. Or as he is affectionately known around here, Carlos Racecar. Ella has come up with the name Carlos. She absolutely loves it. She's so proud of the name and I think will be really disappointed when we do not name him that (which we aren't...for the record.) Lucy decided upon Racecar some time ago. Racecar being his middle name, Daddy being his first. What can I say?

Either way, we are proud to show off this beautiful baby. I am doing some major nesting around here. It's insane. I have never nested this early before. My friends keep reminding me that it's because my body knows that once he's here I won't have any time to get anything done! Life around our house is not going to stop just because baby gets here.

School is officially over for me and Lucy. I've done better than I thought I would. I was concerned that I would be really sad. I love my job and I know I am going to miss it, but I think the excitement of the baby coming is enough to overshadow any sadness about leaving my job. I am slowly starting to mark off some things on my ever-expanding to-do list. I've obviously not tackled any of the big projects yet, but just getting some little ones done makes me swell with a sense of accomplishment.

I have picked out the fabric for the nursery and simultaneously found fabric to re-do Ella's room. It is SOOO cool. I am excited about both to be real honest. I got a killer deal on Ella's and it is going to be one awesome room. My mind is swimming with ideas. I can't wait to get started so that I post pictures. Ella's room makeover is what she wants for her birthday. My little girls has decided that her sweet pink room is too babyish!

These sweet girls are so excited about their baby brother. This is a picture of them in the waiting room before our big ultrasound. The tech was not too thrilled about them coming in, but she was amazed at how well they did. I was so proud of them. Did I mention we are pretty pumped about Carlos Racecar? Well, we are.
Now we just have to get Daddy to nail down a name. I'm still fighting for my original suggestion, but we might have found a compromise....

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  1. Carlos? where in the heck is lilly and ella coming up with this??? aaron and i have joked about the baby named carlos on 'the hangover' before...so that might be where mine picked it up.

  2. Is the compromise Juan??!! Carlos looks like he has perfect boy parts! Yeah, keep nesting now cause you house will become a disaster when #3 arrives!!

  3. yes it will, mine stays a disaster. I always ask how come it was clean yesterday and a tornado came through today and we weren't even home! Oh Well, I guess we just have to think that in 15-20 years we'll wish they were still home to make a mess!

  4. Great pictures of the baby! Not so sure about Carlos but kids will come up with the strangest things!

  5. Oh - I meant to tell you I LOVE your name suggestion. Your Mom told me a couple weeks ago and I'm rooting for you! :-)