An Art Exhibit

Tonight Lucy was part of an art showing at our local community college.  Her art teacher, Mrs. Barbara went to great lengths to make sure this was a perfect evening for her students who have worked so hard all year.  Each student got to submit 2 or more pieces for display.

Lucy chose her Bunny...

And her Owl...

This is her wonderful, loving teacher Mrs. Barbara.  I haven't met many women in my life who are so genuinely caring and thoughtful as "Babu."  She has a heart the size of Texas for children.  And every child I know is crazy about her, too!  She is beautiful inside and out.

We had several friends come to see Lucy's art and it meant the world to her.  She was so proud of her creations.  Whenever someone would ask her to show them, she beamed so brightly and "ran" to show them. I sat back with tears in my eyes as I watched her soak up the attention.  And rightfully so.  Her hour of art a week is probably more work than most put in in a day.  Mrs. Amanda and Gracen came, Mrs. Leigh and Maddie were there since Maddie is also a student, and our Nanny extraordinaire Hogan also made an appearance.  Mrs. Cissy and her two precious ones came to cheer Lucy on, as did Nanny and Pops.  

Mrs. Cissy and Lucy
The night was wonderful and having our friends and family there made it even more perfect.  Lucy is going to have a lot of hurdles to cross in her life.  We are already starting to get a glimpse of how her life is going to be changed forever.  And let me tell you, some ways are not good.  I've spent a good bit of my evening trying not to punch a hole in the wall after watching her struggle at school today.  But if art is something she can do, and do well, to give her a sense of pride and accomplishment than so be it.  I just want her to be happy and fulfilled in life.  Her learning to adjust to her new life will go a lot smoother if I will be willing to change my attitude.  Her life is not going to be what I thought it would be.  I pray it will be better.  I pray it will far surpass anything I could have ever dreamed for her.  

I read this today and while I have been writing I couldn't get it off my mind.  I think it is amazing how God puts things into our daily lives that we don't even know we need. It's a quote from George McDonald, a Scottish minister and poet.  

"I would rather be what God chose to make me than the most glorious creature that I could think of; for to have been thought about, born in God's thought, and then made by God, is the dearest, grandest, and most precious thing in all thinking."

And that's it.  It's not my job to try to fit Lucy into the mold I had dreamed for her.  But rather, my job is to help her become the lady that God set her apart to become.  It's a big, big job.  I just hope I don't fail miserably.

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  1. Very well said, Kate. I think we can all put ourselves in this place as parents... trying to steer our children in one direction when it's God's plan for them to go in another. I pray for guidance as a parent every day, for His guidance in the lives of my children, and for both of us to really listen, & follow faithfully.

  2. Simply wonderful! It's great Lucy has so much support around her...especially YOU! Lucy has already touched a larger number of people than most of us do in a lifetime; I'm sure God has even grander plans for her future!

  3. Such a beautiful girl. Kate, I am a homeschool mom with a daughter that doesn't want to do anything but art. I have been able to find many curriculum choices that are hands on and very art involved. Look into Draw Write Now, Draw then Write and Math by Hand. All very hands on and art oriented.

  4. I thought of one of my ex-students when I saw this post. She is a child survivor of leukemia and used art as a way to get through her struggles. Look at her now. http://www.oliviabennett.com/bio/

  5. The owl painting is extraordinarily beautiful. The bunny is wonderful but the owl is magnificent. Great job Lucy!!

  6. Please tell Lucy she is an amazing artist and to keep drawing (and painting, and sculpting ...)!

  7. More than once I've come here to read about Lucy and your family and end getting more than I thought I needed. I have an adult special needs daughter and your quote was just what I needed. I pray for Lucy and all of you and I think her art is exceptional! I love the bunny, it makes me smile. You're such a wonderful Mom and I hope you are feeling better. Thanks for hitting home for me today.

  8. I love Lucy's art. I bet if you put some of it up for bid on ebay and spread the word you could make some money to donate to St. Jude or help with her medical expenses. I would bid. Anyway it's just a thought.

    I love the quote. It's a lovely reminder that our children are Gods and not our own.

    God Bless

  9. I have followed your blog for long time and have prayed for all of you. Today I especially can identify with your post and the quote you added. I have a grandson who is 6 and who is on the autism psectrum. While we are so fortunate that he is very mildly affected, he still has some struggles in school .Like Lucy, he loves art and drawing. he is in a regular Kindergarten class with a wonderful teacher and getting drawing time is one form of positive reinforcement they employ and it works ownders for him. I showed him your blog this weekend. he fell in love with sweet Lucy. all weekend he talked about "my new grildfriend Lucy". He says he wants to send her some pcitures he has drawn. I notcie your mailing address. I hope it would be ok if we mailed one or two. maybe they can kind of be art pen pals...prayers for all of you. I and I so agree, I would not have him any other way for both of them "are Wonderfully made" in HIS image.

  10. Great job, Lucy! She should be so proud of her work!

  11. Beautiful art work Lucy!! You do wonderful work!! Keep it up hon.

    Kate, you will never fail miserably with God on your side and He is with you guiding and protecting you. Many are continuing to pray and pray for Lucy and your wonderful family.

    God is good all of the time!! Praise His name forever!!

  12. I agree with Janine and was thinking the same thing about fund raising. She has an amazing gift already at such a tender age.
    Or, her artwork could be “copied” and made into greeting cards..there is no limit to what this precious girl can accomplish!

  13. what an AWESOME quote....love it!!! :) thanks for sharing!

  14. Kristen FriedlandApril 11, 2012 at 5:41 PM

    I love Lucy's artwork! She is so talented! And you are a wonderful mom to Lucy and your other children! It is so clear that God gave them exactly the mom He wanted them to have! You are all so blessed to have each other! And I know that God has amazing things in store for all of you!

  15. She has created some beautiful art!!! You will not fail...You are a wonderful, beautiful mother. I am amazed at how you handle life's hurdles. I can only hope and pray to be the mother to my children that you are to yours. Hugs and Prayers to your family.

  16. I agree! If the owl goes up for sale, I start the bidding at $20 :)

  17. Jenniferthompson2April 12, 2012 at 9:46 PM

    Love you, friend.
    God doesn't call the equipped, he equips the called. And for that reason, I pray that you can rest in the knowledge that He who overcame the world will equip you for this big, big job of mothering Lucy. You are God's best for her! You could never fail.
    My prayers.....and goodness, 5ths disease...the easter pics are cute....you just look tan. ;-)
    jennifer wilson thompson