Ha Ha Ha

Yes. That is me. Rolling in the floor laughing at the stories you guys have been posting. They say laughter is good for the soul. I truly believe it. Today my spirits have been lifted.

Thank you all. We should do this again real soon!!


  1. I didn't get to post mine yesterday. But similarities between your children & mine are remarkable. I have 2 girls named Ruby (7), Madelyn (5), and then there is Jack!!! He's three now but its surprising he made it this far! That boy climbs and jumps off everything!

  2. Laughter is most definitely the very best medicine!!! Jack is precious. My big boy is 8, my little boy is 6 months...little one is gonna give me a run for my money..I can see it coming!! :) Have a beautiful day, Kate!

  3. Kate, I have been following you for a while but never commented. You have such a beautiful family and are an amazing mom and inspiration. I appreciate how real and open you are on your blog.

    I have 1 girl and 3 boys and boys are definitely curious...but both are lots of fun. I honestly have no clue how you keep a straight face with Jack because he is so stinking cute!!!!! I think I would just laugh hysterically...

    I pray for your family constantly and wish you nothing but happiness.
    ((hugs)) from virginia!

  4. It's good to hear that you are laughing. It's been a long time, hasn't it. Jack is adorable.

  5. All of my stories are from childcare or babysitting. A kid once tricked me into throwing a birthday party for him. He told me is was that day. As his summer daycamp counselor I felt TER-RI-BLE so I went home that night and planned the whole thing. The kid sat threw the whole party, enjoying the cake that I made for him, posing by his banner and everything. When I was telling his mother about how the group celebrated his "9th" birthday for him she replied, "But that's not 'till September".

    Check dates before you bake!