A Brazilian Night

Lucy and her second cousin, Cora.
 Ok. Well, maybe I didn't go to Brazil, but we did eat some really awesome Brazilian food.  My aunt and uncle were missionaries in Brazil for close to 15 years.  Their children, my first cousins, grew up there and still have many ties in the area.  I love listening to them speak Portuguese and I remember how awesome it was when they came home on furlough and we would spend time together.

The oldest of the three is Alisa, who is about 1 year older than me.  She recently married her childhood sweetheart, who is here in the states now.  They traveled to Memphis this week for Davenir to continue applying for his US citizenship.  While they were here they cooked an authentic Brazilian dinner for all of the "local" family.  We had a great Saturday night and I ate so much that I was sick!  Steak, chicken, sausages, rice, beans....Texas de Brazil had nothing on these two.  (see recipe at the bottom)

After all that our family has been through, we cherish every moment we have with family.  When family travels in from out of town, there's usually a huge "to-do."  Today, we gathered and my grandfather fried fish.  I didn't take any pictures, but we had a great day.  I am so blessed to have such a tight knit family.

The night ended with an unexpected twist, as Jack ended up needing a breathing treatment (or two).  Dang asthma.  It seems to spring up from nowhere and hits with a vengeance.  Poor boy has become so accusmtoed to his treatments that he doesn't even need my help anymore.

I hope your weekend was a great as mine!  Here's to a happy Monday.

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  1. I'm glad you had a fun family-filled weekend. And I love that last picture of the folded hands. Beautiful.

  2. I hope Jack is feeling better!

  3. Hi there

    I just wanted you to know that you have a beautiful family and I think about you all, especially Lucy all the time! She is such a precious girl and she makes my heart smile with her strength and courage. I wish her such a long happy life!

    Mandy (from Ontario , Canada)

  4. I am so hapy to hear you had a great weekend with family.

  5. Kate, This is Pam Rosas, Ashley Swearingen's mom and Sandra Wallace's sister. I was looking at the pictures from this weekend. Is Alisa, Warrren and Cathy Rose's daughter? If so, I knew her when she was a baby. We were at seminary when Warren & Cathy were at seminary. My husband, Joey, and I even flew to Covington with them to visit our parents a couple of times. It really is a small world when you think of how many ways we are connected to each other.
    I love my Tervis glass. This one is really unique. I'm still praying for you. Pray for us. Joey finally got a church in Baltimore. He has already moved up there. I am finishing the school year and then I will be moving up there also. It will be hard to move away from our family in West Tennessee.

  6. My Brazilian-Russian mother-in-law makes us bolinos and feijoada everytime she comes, they are here now so we had the works last night :)

    Deus é bom!