I just wanted to pop in quickly tonight to thank you all for the encouraging words. I told my Mom today that sometimes when I share my emotions through my blog, God sends just the right comments my way. I am very grateful for the prayers you all continue to send our way.

I do want to clarify one thing, though. Lucy has the best kindergarten teacher we could ever ask for. Her homework is appropriate and I really love our phonics based reading program. I just didn't want anyone misunderstanding me.

I'm taking the kids on a little Spring Break trip tomorrow. We are excited, but packing for all of us is a true test of endurance. 3 suitcases, 1 carry on full of medicine and 3 backpacks. This is going to be fun!

Be sure to check the blog over the next few days. We have filmed a video promoting the Go Lucy Go Foundation and I hope to upload it soon. We have also done some radio spot about the 5k. My favorite part is Lucy's radio spot.

Stay tuned!


  1. Packing and traveling with a family can be frustrating but it sure does sound like you have it organized.
    Have fun on your mini vacation.

  2. I didn't read your last two blog posts until just now. I read some of the comments from the post about Lucy's struggle to read. I am no authority--just a Gramma who has had Grandchildren with reading issues. One of our Grandchildren started out so slow and had no interest and would get so upset at homework time. He participated in speech--not for speaking words, but for processing what he read. He is now is third grade and is such a good reader--and more importantly he retains and understands what he reads. One of our Granddaughters was in speech for two years--at three she hardly could say a word. (she now talks more than she should--when she shouldn't) And she is in a tutoring program to work on more specific class issues. She loves it and is doing so beautifully! I have seen how well our Grandchildren have responded to tutors--and how they have developed by leaps and bounds. I understand Lucy's issues come from her struggles with her cancer and her treatments. And she may have lingering development struggles. But maybe a reading or speech based tutor could help. It may be a help for Lucy if she just sees and feels she herself is making strides away from her class situation by the use of a tutor. Also, our daughter who by education is a Pre-K through 8 teacher, but stays at home, uses lots of games with reading and math and puzzle solving with her children. They are learning by playing. I hope some of this helps you and Lucy. As always, Lucy and your family are in our prayers...

  3. I am praying for a nice little get away for you all that you very much deserve. Lucy has to get so frustrated with every corner she turns their is a struggle. It has to be hard to see others do what she is doing and not have to struggle like she does. I truley believe that it will take extra time but she has proved she is a fighter and she will overcome these obstacles also. I just watched Jack's video, just was wondering if I heard right, "Did he say Please?" He is just so so cute, and ALL boy. I loved the post where he was helping his Dad.

  4. Look into a program called "Explode the Code" - it is a computer program, completely individualized and affordable - I think you and Lucy will like it.

  5. I sure wish that I lived closer to Memphis. I would love to run Lucy's 5K!!!!

  6. I hope y'all have the best spring break ever!! I hope Lucy is adjusting well to her hearing aids...and who knows, maybe that will be the very thing to help get her over the hump with reading?? Now that she can hear the sounds better, maybe it will all start coming together :) Have a wonderful time on spring break!!!