Fall Soccer 2010

Our family was really excited about soccer this season. Erik was coaching, the girls were on the same team (which will never happen again in any sport) and we had a lot of friends on our team. I was particularly excited because Lucy was going to get to play on her first organized sports team.

The season started with a bang! Jack was born the day before our first game, so Erik had to leave me in the hospital to go and I missed the first three games staying at home with Jack. Ella played her heart out every game and Lucy, well, she didn't. I'm not sure she stayed on the field for a total of 30 minutes all season. We were disappointed that she did not play, but decided we were not going to force her for fear we'd ruin her on soccer for life. We were so proud of Ella, though. She did great and had such a wonderful time.
Our team went undefeated for the season. Not that the kids cared. I'm not sure any of them ever even asked who won or lost!

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