Keeping My Fingers Crossed

I need this to work....I'm desperate.A sorority sister from college found my blog and read about Jack's issues. She, too, has a newborn with reflux issues worse than I can even imagine. She lives in Orlando and sent me an email with some helpful hints she has picked up over the past few months. She told me about this Fisher Price Newborn Sleeper. It's specially designed for babies who need to sleep in an upright position. She said it has made the biggest difference for her son. After reading the crazy good reviews about it, I ordered it immediately and even paid for overnight shipping. Did I mention I was desperate?!?!?

My poor, sweet baby has a really, really yucky tummy. We are going to the doctor tomorrow and are praying for some answers. I need some answers because I am at my wit's end. Not to mention that I am having some serious GI health issues as well. It makes sense to me that until I get my tummy straightened out, he can't expect to feel much better. We do sort-of share one food system right now. Jack is 6.5 weeks old and its been a fairly miserable go of it for him so far. Please say a prayer that things will get better around here. We are all so tired and just plain exhausted.

This being my thrid child, I can whole-heartedly say that this is the hardest thing I have ever done. No regrets, just an acknowledgement.

Jack in one of his rare non-screaming moments today.

Doing the bicycle with Daddy. Trying to pass that gas!

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  1. As I said before, I have complete sympathy. Kate, if you will go back through my archives of the fall of 2009, I can assure you that you will see VERY SIMILAR posts. Praying for some relief for you all!!!

  2. Thinking of you all!! Know how tough the daily toll can be with 3 :) Hang in there!

  3. Kate, tears came to my eyes when I read your post because I've been there and continue on this journey. The screaming will lessen and lessen and will be replaced with smiles ... I promise!! Hope all went well at the doctors. ~Katie