Thanksgiving Feast at TCA

Every year I look so forward to the annual Thanksgiving Feast at our school. The preschool children dress as Native-American Indians, wearing a decorated shirt, macaroni necklace, feathered head-piece and a custom-made drum. The children love the weeks leading up to the big event, too. They practice their songs and learn a special dance. The elementary students dress as the pilgrims. So much hard work and love goes into making the outfits. It is just such a fun day. Here are some pictures of this year's Thanksgiving Feast.

Pilgrim boys from Ella's 1st grade class

Pilgrim girl Ella

Our little Indian and Pilgrim

Lucy dancing to "Little Red Fox" with her class

Lucy was a little timid to begin

Lucy's beloved teacher, Mrs. Charlie. She deserves a whole post all in its own!

I just love these girls. They are so beautiful.

Lucy's best friend Hyatt

Presley Kate, Lucy and Shelby. The 3 amigos!

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