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Blogging on a daily basis from home is impossible right now.  Pulling myself away from my kiddos just isn't easy.  Especially to go sit at the computer.  I'm working on pictures from Lucy's Duckmaster night and Ella's birthday party.  I'll update as soon as possible.  We have a "free" day tomorrow and will get back into the swing of things at St. Jude on Tuesday. 

Today is 9-11.  Erik and I are watching a special on the History Channel and I am speechless.  Absolutely speechless.  God be with the families who are still suffering the loss of life from that horrible, tragic day.  It's still just so unimaginable. 

The Towers before 9-11-01

 2 planes were flown into the Towers forever changing the skyline of New York City. More importantly, however, was the loss of thousands of lives at the hands of evil, evil men.  Gone forever was the innocence of millions of Americans who no longer felt safe in the greatest nation in the world.  Those of us who lived through this experience will never be the same.  We will forever fear a great evil that proved to be greater than our wildest dreams on that day ten years ago.   

 This is the new Memorial located at the Towers site.  My mom and sister and I were in New York while it was under construction and it was amazing taking in the vast "void" that existed.  Even with the construction work under way and the bustling of New York streets there was a quite that rested over the site.  It was haunting in a way.  Everyone was so respectful of the memories that seemed to hover in the air. 

9/11  We Will Never Forget

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  1. Thanks for the update ~ just do what you need to do, when you can do it....your blog friends will always still be here!!! Much love, alice

    I am speechless, as well, after watching the original news coverage from that day...makes me a bit ill to my stomach....