Labor Day

9 years ago-2003- I spent Labor Day in labor!  I was induced at exactly 40 weeks on Labor Day.  I had a very loving OB who agreed not to make me suffer any longer.  God bless her.  So, Labor Day will always hold a very special and literal meaning in my heart.  We started this Labor Day off with a very lazy morning.  Ella spent the night with my parents and I am told that she was up at 6am.  She and Pops (my dad) went out for breakfast and then to Home Depot where they bought lumber and supplies to make a Lego table (post to come later.)  They worked all morning while Erik and I hung out with the other two at home. 

When it was time to get moving, we shed our PJ's and traded them for swimsuits then headed to my parents for a day of Ranger riding, swimming and BBQ.

When Jack swims he says "kick, kick, kick" over and over to himself.  I guess he's heard me say it so many times that he thinks he can't move without reminding himself what to do!

Ella got to open a few birthday presents and we had more cake.  

Jack even got to ride the Backhoe, which he hasn't stopped "talking" about since.  "Dirt" is what he keeps saying.  I love it!

My brother and his girlfriend were there and so was my sister.  I'm the oldest, so I'm like a momma hen when we can all get together.  It makes my heart full.

The girls caught (and released) a turtle and then our day was done.  It was a wonderful Labor Day holiday.  I hope yours was as well!

Here are some interesting facts about Labor Day that 'm sure you were dying to know:

  • The holiday originated in 1882 as a result of the labor movement and was intended to be a day of rest to recognize the efforts of the average working man. 
  • The first Monday in September was designated as the holiday because the day occurred halfway between Independence Day and Thanksgiving.
  • The recognition of Labor Day as a national holiday for the working man came about as a result of a law signed by President Grover Cleveland. 
  • Labor Day was originally celebrated with large public demonstrations of workers banding together, usually in the form of rallies and parades in the streets. 
(taken from http://www.professorshouse.com/Living/Holidays-Seasons/General/Articles/Why-Do-We-Celebrate-Labor-Day-/)

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  1. Looks like you had an amazing day! Thanks for sharing the pics and all the joy of your day.

    Ella, you look amazing! I love seeing those rosy cheeks on Lucy!


  2. Hi Kate!!
    I'm so HAPPY to hear about your labour day. It looked like you all had the Best time!!! I LOVE the 2nd picture of Jack in the pool. He has the BIGGEST Smile on his little face and his eye are just sparkling!!! I LOVE IT!!!! I also LOVE both of the girl's smile. All of your kids are so cute and are all so very special. Thank you for sharing your children with all of us Kate. What a gift to receive!!!I am very grateful!!! THANK YOU MY FRIEND!!! xo
    P.S. I am working on my own BLOG but it is TAKING me F-O-R-E-V-E-R b/c I've never done one before so I am fretting over EVERYTHING!!! I just want to get it right. You have such a beautiful blog!!!

  3. Your family is precious and it's so good to see Lucy smiling and having fun,it looks like she is putting a little weight back and she looks so happy! Praying for many happy days ahead!

  4. Kate,
    It is nice to see all three of your beautiful kids smiling and having fun, you all deserve it so much. I also had my son on Labor day weekend, I have to say having a baby is truley Labor... Jack on the tractor was so cute, every little boys dream toy. Lucy's eyes are getting a sparkle back in them which is so so nice to see. Go Lucy Go!!!

  5. What a fun day! I too was born on labor day, many, many years ago!

  6. Such wonderful pictures of your beautiful kids, love the last picture Lucy has rosey cheeks and looks so well, I have followed your story for a while now and have to say Lucy is a living miracle thank you for sharing her with us all, you are all in my thoughts and prayers, Happy Birthday Ella

  7. I have been following your blog for a long time now and have never left a post. I am so inspired by you and your family. You are wonderful. I have to say that Lucy is looking more and more healthy in the pictures. I hope she continues to get better. What a beautiful girl.


  8. I love Miss Ella's new cowgirl boots!! Happy late birthday!!

  9. Love the pics! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SWEET ELLA! Lucy looks amazing....she seems to be picking up weight :)

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