My Happy Place

I've said it probably a million times, but when I am on the water...any water...I find my happy place.  I never feel closer to God than when I am off of dry land.  Something about the peacefulness of the water, the breeze that always seems to come just perfectly.  I catch myself saying breath prayers over and over thanking God for His beautiful creation and the blessing of being in His presence.

Sometimes I wish I had water in my back yard like my parents.  They have a beautiful lake that reflects the sunflower field when it is in bloom and the gorgeous sunset every night.  Oh, to wake up to that site would be more than I could handle.

One of my best friends sang the Laura Story song Blessings this Sunday at church and it was simply amazing.  I had to leave when she was done because I was crying so hard.  It was the perfect reminder, and God knew I needed one more than ever, that blessings really do come in so many shapes, forms and other mysterious fashions.  When I am on the water I feel blessed beyond measure.  Every day, however, I am making it a point to see the blessings in every aspect of my life.  I hope you are, too.

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  1. desperateforavacationJuly 24, 2013 at 2:46 AM

    His blessings flow continually!

  2. Kate, This comment has nothing to do with your post but I wanted to share. My daughter, Ella (8), son, Wilson (5), and I have followed Lucy's progress for a couple of years. We read your blog regularly and pray for your family nightly. My daughter is very interested in Lucy's progress. She will, at random times, ask me how Lucy is doing because I read your blog much more frequently than they do. I am dealing with my Ella's hair. It is very, very long (at her request) and she struggles to care for it herself. She is a dancer and likes for it to be long for the "bun" aspect. I try and let her maintain it herself, but she doesn't "enjoy" it very much and she does not enjoy me caring for it at all! One day this summer she came across the story "Locks of Love." When I mentioned scheduling a hair appointment last week, she surprisingly agreed. She said, I will cut my hair, mom, but only if I can give it to Lucy. I explained to her that we can't directly give Lucy hair but through Locks of Love, we can give hair to little girls that have struggled with the same disease. So, because of your precious baby, my baby has agreed to cut her hair!! I know this seems silly in the grand scheme of life, but in my world, this is a battle that I can put to rest...for now.

  3. Oh I totally agree with you. To stop and take a look around and see what all he has created is absolutely breathtaking! My daughter has sung the song Blessings by Laura at our church and it is wonderful! May God bless you and your family! I love your postings. Debbie in Harrogate

  4. Kate, I so relate with you and water. I love being by water - not necessarily in it - but by it. I love close to the Columbia river in WA State. I hang out there quite frequently drinking a good coffee, reading a good book, studying a bible study or reading my bibile.

    The ocean to me is also such a blessing from God. The vastness and unending of the water - just like God's love for us.

    It has been wonderful reading your posts and seeing all of you enjoy a normal summer.

    Blessings - Kristi

  5. I love being on the water too but I only get to do it rarely.