This summer sure has been different from the past few.  The last 3 summers have just been about survival.  Two summers in the hospital and last year we were still dealing with the aftermath of the previous summers.  While we are still very busy with therapy and tutoring for Lucy and swim team for Ella, there has been a peace in our home since school has been out.  I've even started a new therapy.  It's called the lawn mower.

Once a week I get on the mower (in my favorite color orange) for one hour and ride.  Peace and quite…just me and my thoughts.  I don't even listen to music.  I just want to be able to think and clear my mind.  I haven't moved a yard since I was 13 I don't think.  I did it once for my Dad and had a horrible allergy reaction.  It was a great excuse for me not to have to mow when I was younger, but I'm sure glad I gave it a chance again.

Lucy had a follow up doctor appointment yesterday to check on her eye.  The Dr. was very pleased with how she responded to her treatment and gave us the all clear for a while.  My mom took her to St. Jude so an obligatory stop in the gift shop was part of the day's plan.  I just love this little girl!  Scans are coming up in the next month so all prayers would be appreciated for NED (no evidence of disease.)

Part of our redemption summer has included another try at our garden.  We decided to scale it back and really concentrate on just a few things.  We basically planted a salsa garden (all types of tomatoes and peppers).  We also have raspberries, blackberries and blueberries.  The kids went out tonight and got a handful of these beauties:

We have had some work done around our house for the past week and it has given me a great opportunity to purge and clean.  I have been very efficient and I'm proud to say Goodwill has benefited greatly from my efforts.  My mind has been so cluttered lately and there is something very liberating about purging excess from your life.  I'm praying God will help me de-clutter in my personal life as well.  I'm using my time at home this summer to prioritize and re-focus my thoughts, prayers and efforts.  It's a purging project that has needed to happen for a long time.

I had to share this picture.  Ella has been cleaning her room for the past 2 days (yes, it was that bad) and when I walked upstairs she had color coded and swim ribbons.  Gosh, this little girl is such a gem.  I think she may be a little bit like her Mommy with her organization skills.

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  1. Kate, I am so happy that you and the family can enjoy a peaceful, fun summer, you deserve it.

    Praying these scan are NED!!