The Margins of His Bible

I woke up to this text from my Dad today.

Obviously I wrote all these things down as I chronicled every day of Lucy's treatment.  This morning I am filled with all kinds of crazy emotions as I think about the past 3 years.  First of all its hard to believe that its been 3 years!  Somedays it really seems like just yesterday.  Most days, in all honesty, it seems like a million months ago.  What a crazy life we have lived over the past few years.  I can say that through it all God has been our rock and I am so grateful for my faith and His mercy and grace.

Growing up in the home with my parents was God's way of preparing me for what we faced as a family.  I am thankful to my parents for living an example of what a Christian marriage should be.  My parents took me to church, prayed with my daily and were the ones who led me to Christ.

Since it was just Father's Day I will brag about my Dad for a little bit.  I am so blessed to have such a wonderful Dad who reads and studies his Bible daily.  He has read through the Bible almost 30 times.  This morning as he opened his Bible for his daily study he read his notes in the margins.  Today, three years ago, our lives were in complete chaos.  I had just left my children for a week.  Little did I know that I wouldn't be home a total of 3-4 days over the next 4 months.  Little did I know that the hardest battle was really just beginning for Lucy. I'll never, ever forget pulling out of our driveway headed to the hospital with Lucy in tow, my kids crying in the driveway and my parents and Erik's parents crying along with my children. Me, well I was an absolute wreck in the car.  Even writing about that day stirs up a lot of uncomfortable emotions in my soul.  (I wrote about Day 1 here and here.)

My Dad was there with me every single day.  Maybe not there in person like my Mom, but every day he called, he texted and most importantly he prayed.  He fell to his knees every day and begged his Father for heal his granddaughter and asked God to give his daughter strength for a day.  By never losing his faith he was a constant encouragement to me to never lose my faith.

I am grateful for the notes my Dad has made in the margin of his Bible.  I told him this morning that one day we will have a family history that we will cherish forever in the margins of his Bible; a family history filled with miracles so undeserving.

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  1. What an awesome testimony of God's AMAZING grace!

  2. desperateforavacationJune 22, 2014 at 5:15 PM

    Beautiful. I have one of my dad's Bibles, he was in Isaiah when he could no longer read.

  3. So precious. Those memories of Father and Grandfathers faith in the true Healer! I am still believing and trusting for my sisters healing - almost 2 years now of chemo and I still His faithfulness daily!

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