Day 4 Beach Trip

Day 4 started with a bang; mainly because Erik and my Dad joined us. It's always fun when they join in the vacation. They are both great to play with the girls and, selfishly, it gives my mom and I a wee-bit of a break. By day 4 the girls are usually tired of me and mom and they just hang on Erik. My Dad, Pops, is great at building sand castles---although I promise that mom and I saw him doing "site work" on the sand before he and Ella started building.

I like this picture of Lucy. You can tell how utterly tired she is from all the sun and fun.
Dad trying to catch fish with the orange nets. I have to give Erik total props because he is the only one who actually caught the little minnow. He caught MANY little fish, to be honest. The girls thought he was near heroic.

See, 3 little fish....

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