Day Two at the Beach

So much for my plan to post every day at the beach. Who knew this year would be so different from last year? Although the girls were much more independant this year, they were much more active. We went from sun up to sun down. You know how I posted about sitting back and reading a magazine the first day? Let's just say its a good thing I finished it in one sitting because I never had the chance to pick it up again.

We had a wonderful week and I look forward to posting more pictures as I go. Right now I am trying to survive VBS and still somehow get caught up with everything else that got put on hold while we were away. And I thought this summer was going to be easy-going.....

On the second day of our beach trip, the girls decided they wanted to try body boards (they had seen other kids with them). So off we go to Alvin's Island to buy 2 body boards. Mission accomplished!

Don't they look like little surfer girls?

After a day in the sun, Mom and I took my sun-kissed girls to The Crab Trap for dinner.
They had a great time eating crab claws (who would have thought it?)

and then they played on the playground for almost an hour while Mom and I enjoyed a slice of keylime pie and coffee. It was such a relaxing evening!

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