Lots of Pictures from Day 5

Day 5 of our beach trip started in the same fashion as the other 4. Wake up, play on beach, swim at pool, eat, play on beach..well, you get the idea. We decided to let this be another "no nap" day since we were leaving the next day. Lucy did well, except for a brief period of time on the boat. The boat in which we rode upon to view this magnificent site:

As you can tell from Ella's expressions, this trip was well worth it!

There are no pictures of Lucy's delight at seeing the dolphin jumping by our boat because she was too busy pouting and pitching a fit. She missed the whole thing! I hated it for her, but that's what happens when Mommy decides to let her miss a nap. I felt bad, but she didn't seem to care one way or the other about that dolphin.

The rest of the boat ride was fun, too. Here are some pictures I wanted to remember:

After the boat ride we ate dinner at the marina.

The girls are delirious by now

What a way to end the night:

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  1. What beautiful pictures. I love the expression on Ella's face. I had to show Erik. It's

  2. Great pictures! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time!