Preschool Graduation

The month of May seemed to fly by for us, just as I'm sure if did for your family as well. In this particular weekend alone we had Erik's parents come into town, a birthday party Friday night, a dance recital Saturday morning, church and then preschool graduation Sunday night. Did I mention that I found time to somehow clean the house and prepare a graduation meal/party for Ella that we had after church on Sunday? It was so chaotic here, but I loved every minute of it.

Maybe I just liked being busy so I did not sit and think about my baby graduating to Kindergarten. It's so hard to believe that she is already old enough. It will be a big adjustment for me (and Lucy). Just the other day Ella asked me what Lucy would do when she was in school all day? It really made me sad. They have such a fun time playing with each other. I am so grateful that God has allowed them to be sisters. There will come a time in their lives when they will fight and not like each other very much. I know, I've lived it with my own sister. But then the day will come when they will no longer be just sisters. They will become friends. Great friends. And that is what's it all about. I know, I'm there with my sister now.

Mommy will be fine and Lucy will adjust, but Ella is officially going to Kindergarten. After three years in preschool, there's no turning back now. I take solice in the fact that I know she is ready. She is already reading on a small level and she is writing thoughts using the sounds she hears. It's amazing to see what she can come up with. The other day she wrote that she was mad at me because I would not let her go to the dance party. Granted, she was missing some vowels and other consonants along the way, but I got the message.

As we bid farewell to 3 great years at FBC Preschool, we patiently will wait for August to arrive when we start Kindergarten at First Baptist Church. It is going to be wonderful having her in a small school and knowing that she is just doors down from Lucy makes me so happy.

Congratulations, Ella! I love you.

This is Ella making her Academy Awards Speech. "I'd like to thank all the little people..." Ok, not really. After each child was handed his or her diploma they had to say their name in the microphone. It was really cute.

Ella's class rockin' and rollin' to Swing Low Sweet Chariot. Too funny! I just laughed. And I just have to say that my Ella may actually have some rhythm after all. I was so proud. (the jury is still out on the singing ability...)

A close up of Ella's dancing skills.
Ella and Lucy having a little pre-graduation fun.

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  1. I always LOVE the part where they say their names...so cute! I attended LOTS of these graduations when mother taught and you could get a glimpse of each child's personality just by hearing them say their name.