My Birthday

At the beginning of August I turned 32. 32 is a rather nondescript birthday. No special fanfare, no big hurrahs. But there was something about this birthday that made me sad. I don't know that I've figured out exactly what it was, but I cried off and on all day on my birthday. I don't know if, after all these years, I finally figured out that the world really did not stop because it was my special day. Or maybe it was the fact that I worked for almost 9 hours that day trying to decorate a preschool room. OR, just maybe it was that my first born was starting Kindergarten the next day. Whatever it was effected me in ways I was not prepared for.

But as I've learned, the show must go on. And on it went. At the end of the week Erik and I went with my sister and her husband and our friends the Williams to Benihana for a fun dinner. I had such a great time and it definately made up for a "sad" birthday.

Me and my little sister
amanda and me

my favorite part of Benihana--the firey volcano

The girls and I eat my favorite birthday cake. Angel Food with strawberries and cream.

Ella poses beside the birthday gift my sister and brother gave me. Isn't she so stinkin' cute?

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  1. hope you had a great day and that work is going great! I know you are a great teacher to the preschoolers and they will remember you forever!

  2. Birthdays have always been SUCH a big deal to me too...I'm glad to see yours turned out happy despite the tears. Oh - I love the birthday gift you got too. I've been eyeing it at Eva Belle for a while. Now, I can admire it at your house!

  3. Well, here's a little pick me up....a parent told me the other day that her child came home and said, "Mrs. Kate is so nice" and she talked about how much the child liked you. Kids are the only people that say what they mean and mean what they say, so I take their compliments very seriously :)